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Is High Testoserone associated with diagnosing PCOS?

On 8/13/08 I had to get my Testosterone levels checked to start an acne medication and my Free Testosterone was elevated at 2.13 (normal range 0.10-1.50), but my Testosterone was fine at 54 (normal range 14-76). Due to some concern over these results my physician decided to recheck them on 9/25/08 and again my Free Testosterone was high at 3.14 and my Testosterone was also elevated at 79. During my research about high Testosterone in woman PCOS is something that came up more often than anything else. If you could please help me with any information available I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much!
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My free Testosterone is high at 17.9.
I have PCOS

It says the normal range on my blood work is .8- 10.00
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My report also says my SHBG under testosterone is 14.3 which is low.
Normal= 18.0-114.0

the internet says that it related to high insulin which i have.

Total Testosterone: 65.1 ( ok)

Free testosterone 17.9 again, which is nomal 0.8-10.00
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It is hard to tell because the normal range is different depending on where you get your blood work done. It is hard for me to compare mine to yours. What did they do to diagnose your PCOS?
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They did blood work and an u/s

My u/s came back fine.

The blood work showed elevated Testosterone and high levels of insulin and high blood sugar levels.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a complicated disorder with many possible symptoms. The increase in androgens contributes to many of the symptoms that women experience. Because androgens are hormones which cause the typical male characteristics, many of the symptoms cause a distressing change in appearance. Depression is common as a result.

Hirsutism: Increased hair growth in strange places (chest, face, back, lower abdomen, fingers, toes).

Hair loss: Hair loss similar to male pattern baldness.

Infertility: Difficulty in conceiving or becoming pregnant. Usually a result of irregular periods, or not ovulating each month.

Infrequent or absent periods

Anovulation or oligovulation: Not ovulating, or releasing a mature egg from the ovary each month. Without ovulation, periods may be irregular or absent.

Ovarian cysts



Acanthosis nigricans: Patches of dark, thickened, velvety skin behind the neck, on the thighs, or on the vulva. This is usually a sign of insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance: The body does not respond as well to insulin, the primary hormone which helps the body use and deal with glucose or sugar. This causes elevated blood glucose levels and is a major risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes: Prolonged exposure to high levels of glucose and the reduced sensitivity of body cells to insulin eventually make the body unable to deal with sugar. When glucose levels are persistently high, complications develop. These include problems with eye sight, kidney disease, and neuropathy, which is a loss of feeling and circulation in the body limbs.

High cholesterol

Skin tags: Excess flaps of skin, usually found in the armpit or groin.

High blood pressure

Sleep apnea or snoring
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Also I have the mild version.

I only have the hormone imbalance and high insulin. NO cyst.

My pcos is almost  under control after only a month.

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Your information is so very helpful! I have had Graves Disease for almost a year now and my Endo just kind of blew off my problems arrising with my Testosterone levels as being related to eachother. I found out later that it was not and I am getting into the doctors next week! About a year ago I had some ovarian cysts that ruptured and it was very painful. I sometimes have the same stomach and worry again that's what it is. For the past few years I have been dealing with worsened acne and hair growth issues. I seem to have more hair on my cheeks, stomach, back, and even on my arms and legs it grows faster and thicker. It really has been bothering me and plucking would take me all day long and shaving is not an option for anything besides my legs. I hope I get it all taken care of soon! Thanks so much!
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Hi friends,
Its Nehal.
Am trying for a baby since a year. And lately i got to know that, i have Poly Cystice Ovary Disease (PCOD).

Kindly help, how should i go about it, although M TAking hormonal treatment, but scared till end of my nerves, whether am having fair chances of concieving or no?!
My husband count also found to be lesser than expected.
Please suggest something.

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casey - definitely get it looked into!  My testosterone was barely elevated once and my dr blew me off.  So I went to someone else and sure enough - I have PCOS!  My profile talks a little bit more about how much I struggled to get diagnosed.

NVK - you may just need some help conceiving.  If you have PCOS, you may want to see if your doctor thinks you need to take Metformin, it is not a hormone, but it helps with PCOS.  When you want to have a baby, you may want to try Clomid, which will help you ovulate.  If your husbands sperm count is low, you may need to resort to procedures like IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (invitro fertilization).  There is a chance though that Metformin will help you and you won't need to do any of that.  Good luck.
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Hey thx dear for you rinformation. You are rght, am concerning a Gynaec has prescribed me the similar medicines.
Hopw i would get the results soon.
She has asked me to go for medication and than may be have to go for IUI if reqd.
Thx again
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