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pcos periods changed

So i was eventually diagnosed with pcos when i was 19. After having my first period at 11. It lasted 56 days and i was taken back and forth from doctors who kept saying it was nornal. However 8 years later i was finally diagnosed with pcos. My periods have always been irregular and by this i mean i bleed alot more than i should do. For example i can be on for 1week and off for 2 then on for 2weeks off for 1 week etc. Me and my partner have beem ttc for nearly 2years and are currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. I was prescribed with metformin about 6montus ago but only managed to take it for about a month as i was diagnosed with depression and advised to stop taking metformin until depression had gone. My last period was the end of september early octover 2013. I have taken a doctors urine test  and it came back negative. (Which is a downfall as ive put on abit of weight around my tummy) can pcos change your periods from one extreme to the next like this? As im realy fed up now and just keep thinking if im not pregnant i want my period to come! Please can anyone help?
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Yes, PCOS can change your periods drastically. Some months you may get a period, or you may go months without one. Please see your gyn to get treated for PCOS. Normally the standard is Metformin and weight loss [if overweight]. They should also do a pelvic ultraswound to see if you have any cysts on your ovaries.
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I do have cysts on my ovaries. I think its 12/13 each one they said. I have taken metformin but had to.stop due to depression. Ever since my first period when i was 11 i have had more periods than a girl should. But i find it strange that after 15years of this, its now changed to going 5months without a single one. I still however, get the symptoms i get when im due on. Ie: skin flares up with spots, irritablity, mood swing. Which.usually pass when i come on. So when i get these symptoms niw, they pass. Yet no period
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