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Plz dont judge!!! Im 22 ftm 13+4 I work for 24hrs a weeks, college drop out, no car, own place but with a roommate, just feel like I have nothing for myself like I want to in life. My baby daddy excuse me aint **** tho I did choose him and still dont believe he not the father and he aint got nothing to show for either in life. I knowiI should of used protection and I made my own decision idk if its my hormones or how I really feel I feel excited one day about my baby then the next I should had gotten abortion. And I was wondering should I give my baby up for adoption I dont want my child to go thru bs they didnt ask to be born into.
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This is just my opinion on adoption Im not judging you or anything its just what I believe... I don't think you should give your baby up because what If your baby ends up in the wrong hands... Nowadays people do things for money not for the love of a person and a lot of times people don't care about other kids like they care about their own. This is just my opinion though you do what you feel in your heart
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if you dont fully know if you want the baby or not its good you didnt get a abortion because you might've regreted it., do you have any family that could help you while you get on your feet maybe go back to college ? im 18 and im 30+4 weeks, i work about 35-40 hrs a week but i live with my dad and just pay my bills like car, gas, phone those things it really helps me out staying with him cause i can afford to pay for all the babys stuff.. could be a big help if you have some family around
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adoption is a great option though in my opinion because there are alot of people that would love to have a baby and cant, and you could always have a open adoption so you could see the baby a couple times a month
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Adoption is the most selfless thing you can do! Your truly giving people the best gift. You are so strong for not getting an abortion. I'm adopted and now after 18 years have a relationship with my birth family. I am so greatful to my birth mom for giving me to such a wonderful family! Your not just giving your baby away! Please don't look at it like that you just love your baby so much you want the best for it. Your truly an amazing person. What ever you diside just make sure its the right diction for you and your baby! Good luck
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Yes if you know you can't provide what this baby needs adoption is the way. You can even pick out the couple! You can find a nice couple through and agency who has the means to provide a wonderful life for the baby. What a wonderful thing to do!!
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There are so many people eager (and desperate) to adopt and so few babies, you will have no trouble finding an appropriate couple who has been fully screened by an agency for whom it would matter so much that you were willing to let your baby be adopted.  You can specify an open adoption and pretty much name what you want in terms of future contact.
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I think adoption is great if that's what you truly want to do!!!(: two of my siblings are adopted & i wouldn't trade them for anything!! It will be hard, but you'll be so proud of yourself!!(: good luck mommy!!
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my first pregnancy i wasnt trying to get pregnant the guy who is my babys father well lets just say it was a rebound thing i had broken up with my fiancee, anyways i got pregnant, wasnt in a stable home til i was 5months alon, no job nothing. i was as well thinking of adoption but i didnt. my son inside me made me think that he is coming.in.this world to show me that i need to do better with my life so i kept him i went back and got my diploma got a job (still lived with my parents for awhile) now we have our own place i have a good job and now he has a true daddy and we have another boy on the way....

either way its your decision.. if you let it, kids can change your life for the better even.if u werent ready, adoption is great as well too if you feel you are not truly ready. you do get to pick the family and meet them so you know who  your child is going with. its honestly up to you.. talk to your doctor about it.
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I'm actually doing adoption and I'm due in august. Things that really have helped me are realizing what do I personally think is best for the baby and myself. Adoption or raising both are a hard decision. It doesnt matter what anyone else wants. I wrote a list of what I wanted for my baby and realized at this point in my life I couldn't give him it. I found an AMAZING couple through an agency and have gotten to know them. Adoption is a blessing to those who want to be moms but can't have them. If youd ever like to chat more I would be more than happy to tell you my full experience. Either way you choose is a selfless, loving decision.
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Whatever you choose, let me just say im proud of you for only thinking of, and wanting the best for your baby. If you choose to parent, i know you can work hard to get into a better sitouation financially, as well as living sitouation. It wont be easy, but if you decide to, you can do it. And if you feel you want more than you can give for your baby, adoption can do that too. Look into open adoptions, where you choose and get to know the ppl who will love your baby for their own. Think about what you want in terms of future contact with them. Either way, you are strong and you will know its the right choice. We re here for you.
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It is a very emotional time for you at the moment and not rushing into a termination was good! That little baby is actually a baby with fingers and toes so well done. If you are considering adoption look into it fully. Research is a really good idea. Get to know the parents throughout the pregnancy so you know for sure. If you change your mind once the baby is here then its fine. The fact that you have thought about how you may not be able to cope shows already that you are thinking about the baby and you care. I hope you do what you feel is right. There is no right and wrong answer. Xx
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