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Anxiety, depression...alone

I work in a store, where I see countless couples with babies and families and even moms who come in and tell me how they are so thankful for their husbands, they don't know what they'd do without them when it comes to the kids...I'm 20 weeks pregnant and single...there is no father. And these ladies kill me because I have to smile and nod. This cranks my anxiety soo bad. I'm going to talk to my Dr about prozac when I go see him. I've always had problems with my anxiety/depression since I was a kid and its so much worse now.
My question is do any ladies take prozac? Or anything to help you from your own mind like that?
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I was given prozac for post natal depression, I started hearing voices in my head, it was horrible stuff. I got off it as quickly as I got on it.

People say these things cos they think they have to, most folk arent nearly as happy as they make out, and those who feel the need to tell strangers how happy they are are probably the most miserable...everyone needs some support and it doesnt matter where that support lies, be it family, friends or a partner...you will do just fine, I was married when I had my first 2 and I no doubt told people what a great support my husband was, because thats what they wanted to hear...but the reality was that I did it on my own, he slept in the house, messed it up and went to work, I would have been better off alone. You will cope.

Maybe speak to your doc about having someone to talk to, just to vent out all your anxiety, I found it helped much more than suppressing it with drugs. Taking medication works well for some, but talking can do wonders for clearing your mind.
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As someone who's had depression ..anxiety and been on.Prozac I would not recommend taking whilst pregnant. Look up single mother groups..go to pregnancy groups..make friends..get counselling or cbt for your anxiety and depression its not safe to take antidepressants whilst pregnant. I asked my doc when I was pregnant and he researched if they were safe . His answer was "only take them in pregnancy if the benefits outweighs the risks. So no he said. They're not safe.. only if you're feeling desperate that you'll harm yourself. But I wouldn't recommend taking them"  also the first month in taking them you feel even worse. I felt suicidal when I started taking them after my daughter was born. I came right off them. When you have your baby and get past the first tiring stage that little baby will be enough to keep you smiling. You'll even have q very strong bond because its just you two..if it makes you feel better I feel like q single mother. My other half works six days a week and I feel like I do everything.. I have an eleven month old daughter and I'm eleven weeks pregnant. Make some friends.. maybe you'll find another single expectant mum to talk to. Or seek support for family and friends. Like the above said its best to confront the issues than supress them with drugs. And I'm speaking from.experience. my daughter is the reason I've been Off them so long. She makes me truly happy. And I'm only trying to help.so please don't think I'm telling you what to do. If you ever feel crappy or scared and want someone to talk to just send me a message . I'm sorry you're feeling this way. But the hormones dont help either I find. Big hugs xx
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Those people are not as happy as they describe! I know someone who is exactly as you said. She shows of her husband, son, and herself. Believe me no one is THAT happy! Every one gets into arguments and fights. And also that someone that I know her husband drinks (something she is against) smokes cigarette inside the house with their 2 year old, smokes weed. And she is all about his money lol. Its a sad life actually once You know about them. They may look like the perfect happy family but its just a show. Live your life happily!
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There are no groups by me, and I have someone to talk to, and its still bad. I get very bad anxiety attacks where I have to be completely alone, or else meltdown status. Since I was a kid. I take st johns wort and it helps with the depression, but doesn't even touch my anxiety. A few members of my family are on prozac and its the best thing that has happened to them, including my mother.
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If you have to have something, I'd go for something else. There was a whole bunch of commercials about prozac and pregnancy recently so I wouldn't trust that specific one right now
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Best chatting with your doc, s/he will know best what to try.
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