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So initially i wanted to get an epidural because i didnt want to feel too much pain lol, BUT after talking to my sister, a couple family members and a few of my co-workers im having second thoughts. I heard from every one of them that after they had their babies they felt no pain! Thats without the epidural. So now im debating on getting it. It'd be nice to push him out and then not feel any pain!

Any advice ladies?
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I think it depends on the person. I got the epidural, and my back was sore for a day or two, but I tore in three places, so I was in a good bit of pain, plus my entire back and neck were stiff from pushing. I don't take pills, and I asked for pain meds.
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I have had three kids with no pain meds or epidurals...I tried with my first and it didnt take and then with my second they tried again after I said no, and come to find out, I am allergic, thats why the meds dont work, and it almost paralyzed me..I had to have a transfusion of fluids in my spine...But its not like that with everyone..I know I still have pains from it in my back from time to time....

But that being said everyone is different...I had no pain pushing or after...I think once it gets to the point of needing to push, once you do, it is a relief..It takes away all the painful contractions... The worst part is the contractions honestly, if you can survive those, by the time your ready to push, you will be so relieved and happy and know there is an end in sight..

But, it also depends on your pain tolerance.....GOOD LUCK
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OH! When I was pushing I didn't feel anything...it only felt like I was going to poop, lol, sorry tmi. My epidural didn't work on half of my body, so I felt all of the pain on the left side.
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I applaud anyone that can go without an epidural. Against my will my last pregnancy I had to go without an epidural until 20 minutes before she was born and I was already dilated to a 10. If I had to have gone even those 20 minutes more dealing with that pain I probably would have gone crazy. I have never experianced anything like the pain I felt during child birth and when I have another child I am making sure I get the epidural as soon as I feel the first contraction.
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Well I'll tell you my story and see if it helps....I got an epidural with my daughter. I had worn off by the time that I had to push, so I felt 95% of everything. I don't know if you remember my story, but I tore in just about every direction and had to be transferred to the OR with the doctor kneeling between my legs on the bed sewing as we went because I was losing so much blood (the blood loss was due to something wrong with me, the tear wasn't life-threatening but for some reason I bled out and almost died...so don't worry about tearing, MOST tears aren't as dramatic as mine was, even if they are as severe)...they injected some more medicine into the epidural and were able to numb me for the procedure. So I'm glad I had it with that one, even though it didn't work for the last hour and for the 20 minutes of pushing.

With my son, I got it...and it didn't work. The anesthesiologist had such a hard time sticking me that he said after the 2nd stick if it wasn't in right that I just wasn't getting an epidural. Luckily, it went in, numbed my hips, and then wore off immediately. They ramped it up and I got a little bit of relief, but again I was able to feel almost everything. It wasn't that bad.

With my 3rd, I will be doing NO epidural. Because the first two barely affected me I have a pretty good feeling for what natural labor is like...and it's totally doable. Tough, but doable. I don't see anything wrong with getting an epidural, although there are some people who say it increases your risk for tearing..I got it the 2nd time around because my first delivery was so traumatic that I was afraid of a repeat, but if I had it to do over again I would've not gotten the epidural....the sticks were worse than the actual labor for me, but I was a VERY difficult stick.

I would say...go natural if you can. try as long as you can. if you can't, get the epidural with no guilt.
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idk about not feeling any pain? that doesn't sound right . a friend of mine didn't have the epidural and said that labor was so hard and painful that pushing was a relief when she got there. i had the epidural and labor was a breeze and i was bored, but pushing hurt like a *****.
i would still have gotten the epidural. im sure pushing hurt for her too, i think it was just relieving to be able to push. she said she felt being cut. :/
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oh and like ashelen my epidural had worn off by the time i was pushing. it continued to wear off during labor but i had it boosted 3 times. they didn't wanna boost it during pushing so id be able to feel what i was doing, but by the end i was crying and begging for a boost. so they boosted it right as her head was coming and then of course it didn't take affect until she was out.
either way i still will be doing the epidural. why not get some relief even if its minimal? theres a reason God gave us the medical advancement for things like epidurals, i believe.
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Rachel: actually there's a scientific explanation for what she meant about relief when pushing. If pushing were the most painful part, babies would never get born, LOL. So our bodies release a FLOOD of endorphins and "feel good" hormones when we push, and it actually numbs the pain and gives the mother a mini sense of euphoria. Women with epidurals experience it too. But it's an actual scientific fact that our bodies release a bunch of chemicals to make pushing feel like a relief and feel good so that we're eager to do it and get the baby out. :-)
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oh im not doubting it was a relief, just saying im sure it was still painful.
but idk about the euphoria even with an epidural. there was nothing feel good about my pushing lol. i never felt a rush of anything except joy when she came out. but pushing was a *****.
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I agree Rachel that medical science exists in order to make things easier for us. The only reason I will go without an epidural is because I think that, for me finding labor not to be too overwhelmingly long or painful (i'm lucky in this respect, not all women are that lucky when it comes to time or pain tolerance), being able to get up and move and switch positions would be more beneficial than an epidural...HOWEVER...I do believe that pain relief during labor is important because a woman should enjoy her experience, no matter what birthing plan she has....so I think if you're afraid of the pain of labor, there's absolutely nothing wrong with an epidural...it DOES exist to make the experience more enjoyable and less painful, so if that's what you want by all means GET it....but for me it made such little difference that I Might as well have not gotten it and spared myself the stick in the back, haha. However with that being said...I'm still a big supporter of epidurals.
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yeah i have a very high pain tolerance as well and i still do not think pushing was at all the most painful thing ive ever experienced. i just got the epidural because i like the lazy & easy way out of things and tend to take it if i have the opportunity :P
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I agree Ivy, I could have gone the whole labor and delivery without the epidural, and would have if I hadn't had such a long labor. 21 hours after only an hour nap in 36 hours...I only wanted the epidural to be able to sleep. I chose not to do IV meds because they made you sleepy, and even though I wanted the sleep I didn't want to be sleepy cause of meds and not be able to do what I needed to when the time came.
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