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can't sleep :(

just having a pity party/poor me cup of tea.. feel free to join!
33 weeks, sleep is just getting harder and harder every night :(
as soon as I lie down I seem to have a crazy amount of pelvic pressure, so every time I try to change position it gets worse and really quite painful :( my back is killing me so I can't lie flat, and my hips just won't stop aching during the night.
when I do manage to fall asleep I am woken up by either baby kicking, or really bad heartburn even though I tasks gaviscon before bed.
ugh! I know they say to get used to it and that you will be more sleep deprived once baby arrives, but I seriously can't wait!! at least then I will get a solid 2 hours every now and then!

how's everyone else doing? any good sleeping tips? I already have a preggy pillow :)
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Sounds like you need to add a body pillow to your preggo pillow ;) and have you tried the couch? And my mom said to keep ginger ale around as we age as women whether pregnant or not lol. She had me cracking up! She's like on top of having periods, being pregnant, and going through menopause, we have to deal with indigestion during it all with urinating problems during the entire lifespan! Lol then she's like women chose not to have kids STILL will feel every bit of body issues the rest of us feel, can't hide from it! Lol

Just some humor for you :) get your body pillow and ginger ale :)
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I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and I'm totally feeling your pain!! I can't move from side to side without my hip cracking. I've been to the chiropractor a few times this pregnancy to get my pelvis back in line and it keeps popping back. It's super uncomfortable! The pillow between the knees kind of helps but not really.
The pelvic/pubic bone pain is totally worse at night...feels like someones kicked me in the crotch a few times. And getting up to pee is the WORST! I'm to the point where it's almost hard to reach to wipe! haha
Ahhh the joys!
Sleep will come to us in about 18 years!
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I'm 26 weeks tomorrow so I'm starting to get there my biggest complaint is sinuses I'm constantly woken up cuz I can't breathe it ***** so bad :-(
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Pour me a cup of poor me tea! I'm 37 weeks tmrw. I constantly am tossing and turning. If not I'm getting up to pee which looks more like a beached whale rolling outta bed. I cannot imagine what my husband thinks when he looks at my fat self waddling all over the place. My 3 year old wants me to play with her, but I can't get up/down from the floor bc of back pain.  I swear the c-section pain is way less than this.  Hang in there girl. You are not alone!
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Id like a cup of poor me tea as well. Im 36 wks tomorrow and i feel ur pain ladies. Hips hurt but getting up every 2 hrs to pee hurts even more. Wiping IS a challenge lol. I too look like a beech wale that walks like a duck:))) my husband has a pet name for me as well! He calls me gloria from madagascar :)))
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I swear I was not this uncomfy last time. My back is way worse this time and insomnia too. I gotta last 15 more days. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
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