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Said it's prostatitis.......not sure

  I'm a 37 year old male of average height and weight. I do not smoke, drink just as much as anyone else. Maybe several beers a week.
  Roughly two years ago I started experiencing pain in my left testicle. After visiting the doctor he diagnosed me with Epididymitis. I was prescribed a round of anitbiotics and after 30 days it appeared to go away. This started in April and was cleared up by July. Following year, same thing. In April began having that pain along with some difficulty sitting. Area between my anus and scrotum was sore. Another round of anitbiotics, the epididymitis went away perineum was and still is sore. When I touch that area I can feel soreness below the skin. It's painful if I press on that area. This is not a debilitating pain more like a dull, uncomfortable feeling. Mostly prevalent when I sit for extended periods of time.  I urinate without any issue. There is no blood in my stool or urine. If I can pinpoint the event which I believe triggered it all I had purchased a mountain bike that year when this all began. I was probably a bit overzealous and think I might have damaged the muscles by the perineum. Never fell or struck anything but it's odd this all started right after buying the bike. Can the pain continue for two years after?
  I've been to my regular doctor who referred me to a Urologist. They did an ultrasound of my testicles, had blood work done. An ultrasound of my kidneys and checked how well I can void my bladder. All of this yielded little to no result. The urologist prescribed me Alfuzosin which I have not started taking. I'm not to exited about going on these pills. Especially since the Urologist comes off like he has no idea what is wrong almost appearing as if this is in my head and I'm making it up.  
  Now the latest development is when I sleep my perineum starts feeling swollen and I wake up. This seems to be exacerbated if I have a couple drinks at night. Which really ***** because with three kids I need a damn drink...
  I'm exhausted, anxious, worried. I pace the floor at night reading all the fun stuff about prostate cancer, penile cancer, cancer cancer etc I can almost deal with the perineum pain it's the worry that's really getting to me. I have no idea what to do at this point as nothing is making it any better. Two years of constant discomfort and now I'm a neurotic. If you have any insight as to what I might do please reply. Thank you.
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Not a guy but.....my husband did have prostate cancer.  Did the doctor tell you that you had an enlarged prostate via rectal exam?  Also, how about constipation?  Are you constipated to the point where you have large hemmoroids?  
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