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CT Scan Interpretation

On June 21st, I had my left SI joint percutaniously fused with 2 screws.  I am having severe hip, leg, and foot pain.  There is also numbness in my foot, and I am having very bad spasms in my hip.

I had an EMG performed last week that said I have a severe pinched nerve around the S1 level.

Yesterday, July 31st, I had a CT scan performed.  I went and picked the report up myself from the records dept. since I had not heard anything, and was wondering if I could get some assistance with the report.  It reads as follows;

"Impression:  Interval screw fixation across the sacroiliac joints.  Alignment is adequate.  The more anterior of the 2 left sacroiliac joint screws is actually anterior to the sacroiliac joint with a portion of the screw in the region of the sacral plexus."

It sounds to me like the screw is misplaced, but I can't be for sure, and I have heard NOTHING from my surgeon's office.

All I need is information, which is peace of mind.  Can someone PLEASE help me.  I am in a lot of pain, and I am off of work with no pay.  I need this taken care of ASAP, but I feel as if the only one that is concerned is myself.

Thank you in advance.
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