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Man i look confident carrie myself in that way so ive been told. people love me girls wanna be with me. But deep down inside i dont think i love me and thats why i cant ever love or trust anybody outside my family How can i learn to love myself so i can not only carrie myself with confidence but feel inside that i am capeable of anything smh :/.
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What do you think the lack of confidence stems from?  Have you had a lot of hurt and disappointment in your life?  Sometimes that can be the root of it and a way to overcome that is to throw caution to the wind and immerse yourself in outside relationships.  

I do think therapists can help someone work through self esteem issues and maybe it is time to consider that for yourself.

Also, in your case--------- I think where you meet someone is important.  You don't want to meet them at a bar or something like that.  You want to make friends and date people that you meet doing something you enjoy and are good at. good luck
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Now I see in your profile that you are 18------- forget the bar talk.  I am just wondering if you had any hurt or pain/disappointment that this stems from.
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yea me and my girl broke up in sep was my first love smh im still not over it and im sure she is and it feels like my atempts to go and date new females seem not to help smh
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What does "smh" mean?
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