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Just for fun question!

So, what is your favorite kind of food and do you think it says anything about you?  Examples---  I love home style food . . .  baked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, meat loaf, etc.  I'm traditional in a lot of ways.  I also love Mexican food----  and I can be a little 'hot' and spicy too.  

Okay, that might be a stretch.  LOl  But I'm hungry, so thought I'd throw this one out there.  
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My mouth is now watering! Thanks y'all!
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For me it depends on the country.   Here in Costa Rica, fresh coconut pudding. My guy harvests the coconuts.  Incredible. I sometimes eat it daily.
   In the states Pizza. I even make my own dough in a bread machine. Home made pizza sauce full of diced vegetables & just a little tomato. Tons of cheese, 4 kinds. Twice baked & end broiled just till cheese is bubbling. Yum
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Wow!! India!! That would be an amazing life experience!
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Having lived in India for 3 years i need to have a curry dish once a month yum!
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My specialty is Mexican food!! I LOVE spicy food!!! But my all time favorite meal would have to be:
A big juicy steak, Shrimp, twice baked potato, green beans,
LMAO! Im really getting hungry!

I guess what it says about me is I am a down home girl but I like to spice things up!!! (SALSA on everything!) lol
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