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This guy that ive been seeing says he is in love with me and wants to be with me forever, he brought up kids and marriage to me. and told my mom that im the one he wants to spend his life with. we havent been together for about a week, i spent the weekend with him and he told me loved me all weekend . now he is saying he doesnt know what he wants and is "talking" to someone else. but still says he loves me. i really love this guy but i dont know what to do.
someone help me please !!
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How long have you been together? If it's been a short time, then I wouldn't call it love. You can be infatuated with someone, but the word love wouldn't be correct. Love develops over time, as you get to know a person and find out truly who they are, loving them for their good characteristics and flaws as well. Personally, I would leave him, as he doesn't know what he wants and it's not worth wasting your time waiting for him to figure it out. If you rush quickly into a relationship before getting to know the person, the relationship will fail. You need to take things slow. Date the guy and figure out who he is. Does he have characteristics you want in a significant other(honest, trustworthy, loving, dependable, and so on)? Does he have the same goals and wants as you for your future? Does he share the same beliefs when it comes to religion and life in general? These are things you want to think about when dating a guy. Don't just settle for a guy because he says he loves you, and absolutely don't sleep with the guy because he said all of that. You are 17 and have so much ahead of you, with graduating high school and going on to college or some other form of continued education(hopefully). You'll experience a lot in the coming years and it will all be a learning and growing experience for you. Don't let yourself get tied down with a guy who is unsure of what he wants, as it's really not worth it. Have fun being a teen, hang out with friends, and plan for your future. If he realizes that he really wants you, then he may come back after you, but don't keep waiting for him to figure that out. Take care.
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Sounds like what I call a "smooth operator."  The type of guy who says "this and that" to keep you hanging on while he is doing what he wants to do.  

Loose him and move on.  

Plus, you all are so young.  So, this also sounds typish of a young man/boy.

If I had a 17 year old daughter and her bf told me he wanted to give her "the sun, moon and stars" and promised marriage I would be very skeptical given you all are too young and I can't imagine a young man having anything to offer in regards to a marriage.  

Sounds like you all haven't been together that long and this "boy" was just telling you "whatever" to get what he wanted.    
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Your profile suggests that you are 17 years old.  Never in a million years would I allow my 17 year old daughter be thinking about marriage right now.  You've got too much life in front of you to be tied to a marriage.  You've got your whole life to have fun and get married.

Allow this to simmer on the back burner.  Most 17 year olds can't even think of what they are going to do this weekend, and you're talking about the rest of your life?  Slow down..... slow way, way, way down.
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