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Your Christmas list

So . . .  what is the one thing you NEED?
            what is the one thing you WANT?
            what is something you have to give away to someone else?
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What do i need........my hair trimmed and colored
What do i want.......my daughter to continue to be cancer free
What is something i have to give away..........my support to those who are struggling
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Need -- to learn to budget in a serious, almost professional way. New house cost a lot!

Want -- hair no longer to be a boring, flat style and color

To give away -- thoughtful hospitality and caring actions to family and friends
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I need clothes
I want my car fixed
I wish I had something to give away, I do not have much due to leaving a hostile environment
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Are you in a safe place now?
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Missed this post but really found it interesting 3 questions.

What I need - My family healthy, and to rebuild my relationship with God (My husband would say I need new clothes - I hate shopping)
What do I want - Same has my needs (want this because it would help with my stress levels)
What is something I have to give away - Positive Vibes (To those that are going through stuff in my family)

SpecialMom - You asked but didnt answer yourself.
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