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25/Episodic feeling of being winded/ Very Low Lung Function on Exhale

So I have been having a great deal of shortness of breath for about 3 days now. It started when I was sitting as a passenger in the car and got extremely winded when I was talking and had to catch my breath.. I have had a Pulmonary Function Test in the past and it showed my Lung Capacity was less than 50% of my expected age. I am a nonsmoker, I am 5'8 and weigh roughly 215lbs. All of the chest xrays over the years have all been normal except one where it showed Unilateral Diaphragm Elevation..... We have a breathalyzer device installed in our car and for the last 4 months ive never had a problem exhaling into it to start the car, since yesterday I cant complete it, I am exhaling till im about to pass out and it just fails me because it wants more air, hand it to my gf and she does it in 3 seconds no problem.... things ive been Diagnosed with

*Sleep Apnea
*Panic Disorder
*Traumatic Brain Injury from Car Accident
*Cervical Neck Pain/Dizziness

Only meds I currently take are
*Clonazepam .5mg 1xdaily
*Aspirin 180mg 1x daily

Any Ideas on what could be causing this??
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Can someone please answer this..?
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