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HI......Im new to this so i appologize for  posting in this area un related........my question is this........I was told that coughing up mucus is a very common side affect to using PPI's for acid reflux? Is this true?
  I have been coughing up mucus since sept every morning.........have been on prilosec for about 3 months now, recently twice a day per doctor in the past 1 1/2 months........I am wondering about stopping that drug, however fear the return of the burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the advice, i appreciate it
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That is interesting about the mucous and PPI's....I never knew that! The thing about reflux is if it isn't controlled then the acid in your stomach can actually reflux into your lungs if your reflux disease is bad enough. I have pretty bad GERD and have been on Nexium for years now, whenever I am on antibiotics, doctors up the dose to twice a day and also add Sulcrafate 4 times a day to completely block acid production as antibiotics really wreak havok on my GI system. I wouldn't stop it unless your doctor recommends this. Sunny
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