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CT results - linear scarring anterior right apex

I am 53 years old woman and had a CT scan done last year when MD Anderson suspected gestational Trophoblastic disease (specifically choriocarcinoma). Yes, pregnant for the first time at 52 years old!

I had a hysterectomy and there was a lot of debate on what I had since no molar pregnancy was found and only a small nodule was left in my uterus. The first pathology came back with the rarest pregnancy tumor (ETT) while a secondary pathology (performed at a Trophoblastic center) said that it was most likely just an atypical implantation site pregnancy and normal miscarriage.

The Chest CT identified a 5 mm nodule
With a benign pattern. I recently had a follow up CT and the original 5mm nodule and other smaller nodules have remained stable over a 14 month period.

A new 5 mm nodule was identified in the lower base of the right lung and was described as non specific. I will continue follow up with a pulmonary specialist on this.

However what concerns me is a notation made in the findings that linear scarring was noted on the anterior right apex.

The first CT did not mention this.

The CT report's impression also did not address thie scarring, only the nodule.

I have been trying to research anterior apex linear scarring and have not come up with much information.

My next appointment with my Pulmo is in a month.

What are there potential causes? Is this permanent?

I did have another surgery five months ago (a cosmetic breast lift with removal of old silicone implants which included a capsulectomy).

The plastic surgeon said the implants were still contained with the scar tissue / capsule and he saw no leakage.

Also, I do have GERD and as a child had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

I did travel quite a bit internationally but that was 10 to 20 years ago.  I traveled to Egypt and always ended up with severe respiratory infections.  I also traveled to industrial areas of China.

On one of the Egypt trips i breathed in a large quantity of dust/dirt being swept from an overhead arch.  Within hours I started developing fever, chills and respiratory issues like I never had before or since.
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