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Chemical burn induced allergies

I was exposed to household bleach for an extended period of time even though I was in a ventilated area. I had to bleach out my car because a dog with Parvo virus was in the vehicle and bleach is the only thing that kills it.  Anyway, my lungs hurt the next day but seemed to get better. The problem is that even though I washed down the car, there was apparently bleach residue and I kept re-exposing myself.

A month later and my life has basically stopped. I have extreme pain in my lungs and in my sternum area. It hurts to breathe. I am now "allergic" to my own home and have developed allergies to everything. I have never had allergies in the past.

Been to the ER twice. Been to pulmonologist. All tests came back normal. The allergist is having me come back for testing after the initial consult I had with her. I may now have an allergy to dust and mold. No idea if I have mold in my house but I know it is in my garage and the spores may be coming through my window.  

I am very active and USED to run 5 days a week but this has me on my knees. I can't go into my own home for even a short while without the burning in my throat and lungs starting.

Is this long term lung damage? My chest x-Ray and PFT by the pulmonologist came back normal. But since i went to the Dr so quickly, maybe scarring hadn't shown up yet.

I am about to lose it. It hurts to breathe, my throat hurts, my middle of my chest hurts, my back hurts and I can't go back to my own home without getting sicker. I have a 13 yr old dog that requires care and not being able to be with her is killing me.

Does anyone know if lungs damaged by bleach can heal.  Sorry for long message but haven't slept in a month.  

This discussion is related to shortness of breath/chest tightness with no other symptoms.
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