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Difficulty Breathing-no wheezing-no cough

I have had a breathing difficulty problem for over 35 years. I have consulted a number of doctors and they have all assured me that my condition is nothing serious but have not been able to help me in the least.  I don’t wheeze or cough and asthma medications simply don’t help, on the contrary they make my condition much worse. I shall list hereunder the peculiarities of my condition:
1.  Difficulty breathing (main complaint).
2.  Not over weight.
3.  Certain foods can trigger off attacks.
4.  Sometimes there is no known cause for the attacks.
5.  The problem can persist for the whole day.
6.  In some places I feel much better and the attacks are fewer and less severe.
7. Asthma medications don’t help.
8. It could be a case of reflux as I need to belch to get the air into my lungs.
9. It starts in my throat and I need to use the muscles in my throat to belch to help
    me breathe.  This I think is an important point to note.
          10. I don’t suffer from heartburn or a bloated stomach or anything like that.
          11. Many years ago a doctor prescribed a combination of Restyclin and another                        
                drug which really gave me complete relief. I forget the combination. He had  
                diagnosed my case as eosnophilia.
12. I feel fit and healthy in all other respects.

I shall be grateful to anyone who can come up with a remedy for my

Thank you.  


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