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Difficulty taking deep breaths

So the other night, I had mild shortness of breath. I currently have Gastritis and apparently this type of thing can happen with it (I also feel a little pain in my lower left lung/rib)
I have asthma and while my test samples were negative for H. Pylori, I've recently felt like it's hard to take deep breaths now. I've had to use one puff of albuterol for three days even though it wasn't that severe because I wanted that feeling to go away to sleep better at night.
I've already visited the doctor twice (actually I've been seen by two different doctors) and they listened to my lungs and said they were clear so they thought it wasn't anything serious but that if I should ever get a fever, chills or shortness of breath, I can return.
I'm not wheezing, coughing or feeling any rattling in my lungs, I just find it difficult to take deep breaths now and have had that one night of mild shortness of breath.

So I'm wondering if it's serious enough to go back for another hospital visit or if it might go away eventually.
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You know it's not worth commenting back to this post of mine because:

I have visited the doctor and I've been treated with prednisone, an albuterol nebulizer treatment and a tetanus shot

So there's no need to comment anymore. If I found out how to delete this post, I would but I haven't figured it out yet or if it's even possible.

But MedHelp is pretty slow huh? I hope in the future, it increases in traffic and activity for more fast answers on people's posts.
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