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Mucus Post Nasal Choking HELP!!!

About two weeks ago I went back to the doctor's office. This was my fifth or sixth trip in two years. After describing my symptoms once again I was referred to an ENT. Was told by my ENT that everything was clear, I didn't have dysphagia (like my dr thought), sinusitis, or anything like this. He did find some black spots in my nose on the mri and he just said "they shouldn't be there. but i don't thik its the cause of your problems." when I asked him what they were he just shrugged and sent me home.

i went back to the dr again. this time i remembered to mention more symptoms and she simply told me i was a "mystery" and she couldnt figure out what was wrong with me. i have an upcoming appt with an allergist. she tested me for diabetes, thyroid problems, and anemia and all came back normal.

my symptoms are as follows. many seem close to what others talk about only i have more symptoms it seems...

Last night was one of the worst episodes I've ever had. I was eating a pizza when it started to feel like I was choking as I was eating which caused me to stop eating. i then started feeling like there was a build up of mucus (pnd) and I couldn't cough it up. at one point it felt like i was having difficulty breathing and even choked a few times. after sitting in a  hot shower for half an hour the symptoms seems to improve enough to where I could breathe alright. i was able to blow some stuff out of my nose, mostly just thick white stuff, but the lump in throat, sore throat, feeling of mucus coming up then going back down remained. i then proceeded to cough and several times it got to the point where my coughs caused me to gag and dry heave. then once i seemed to be calming down a bit i laid down in the bed. after a few minutes my head suddenly felt like it was filling up, i got really light headed and dizzy. i sat up and then slowly stood up. after standing up and going into my bathroom i noticed that my vision was slightly blurred and i felt as if i was half asleep/groggy and dizzy. this went away a few minutes later. i went to lay back down but i started having the coughing fits again. And so I sat up in bed and was either coughing, gagging, or trying to clear my throat. It was apparent I wasn't going to be able to go to sleep so i went downstairs browsing the internet for solutions. Finally I went and laid back down and after a while of coughing and throat clearing I finally fell asleep after dealing with the episode for three hours straight.

Right now I feel like there is still something there in my throat. I have a bad taste in my mouth even after brushing teeth/mouthwash, feel slightly dizzy, having coughing again, had sore throat when I woke up. Many mornings when I wake up I have a sore throat and cough up yellow stuff. The sore throat will go away after about an hour.

In the past month I have had choking on mucus/throat feeling blocked, hard to breathe on a weekly basis. These things will happen for two to three days then I feel somewhat normal the rest of the week. Though I still get mucus coughed up, looks to be pnd (clear sticky gluelike mucus). Sometimes when I eat I can feel the pnd going into my throat and I will have the liquidy breathing (when I breathe my throat makes a sound like snot going back and forth between my nose and mouth). Water, chicken broth, orange juice, coffee, beer, hot tea, iced tea, milk, soup broth all will make me get extreme mucus in my throat which gets stuck and then I will be choking off and on for an hour at least with problems breathing in between. It doesn't happen as I am drinking and I don't have a problem swallowing itl. It usually happens in about half hour to hour after drinking though sometimes the problem doesn't happen until the next morning when my throat gets dry and hoarse and my voice will start crackling and I will feel like I am choking, Steam showers, hot water with towel over head, mucinex, none of that helps in the slightest. I just have to go through it for an hour or up to three or four hours. And even after the episode I dont feel right and it makes it hard for me to eat.

Also sometimes after an episode my right ear will start ringing, eventually after a day or two it will feel like my inner ear is swollen. Sometimes after an episode my whole forehead, upper nose, and ears will feel like they are filling up and I will feel this pressure for a few minutes. Sometimes this is followed with the ringing ear which will last for days or even a week and then it goes away. During these times I willsometimes feel like my head is full of pressure like its going to explode anytime I go to bend over.

Sometimes after these episodes my throat will feel soreand when I cough it feels like something comes up into the throat but then it goes down. After a while it will go away but I can never cough it up. The last two episodes I could actually feel a lump moving up and down and causing the sore throat feeling which goes away after it goes down.

Once in October I had choking spells for five days. I would feel fine most of day but then once during day I would feel cough which would bring something into my throat, a thick glue like mucus, which I would choke on until it went back down. Anytime I felt a cough coming on I would start to panic. I went into immediate care clinic and she told me to take sudafed and mucinex I said I already tried that with no help so she just prescribed prescription strength and sent me home. Two days later I made an appt to see my dr. She gave me an antibiotic though she said it didnt sound like i had an infection. The next day I had the cough attack and then suddenly coughed up a really thick mostly yellow mucus. After that I coughed up another two small globs and then I wasnt coughing choking anymore.

Help me please. There has to be a cure! It has messed with my life and I am often stressed about it which just makes it worse. I cannot enjoy eating anymroe as it seems most anything during these times will cause the mucus and episodes to trigger.
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