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PLEASE, I NEED YOUR HELP: Could I have vocal cord nodules?

I always if as if there is something caught or if there is a lump in my throat. I have a litte discomfort in my throat also. I have had this feeling for about three weeks now. I was taking singing lessons, I would sing for about an hour everyday, but when the discomfort started I postponed the singing lesson. I the discomfort always tend to get worse after I talk for a long period of time or if I do try to sing something. Could I have vocal cord nodules, if so, what do I need to do to rid myself of them?
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Hi reading your post, what you need is an ultrasound scan of the thyroid, and a ENT specialist, to look at the vocal chords,
With you going hoarse, you could have nodules on the thyroid which will effect the voice, and also can cause some discomfort in the neck, and throat.
Go and see your GP, as the problem may lie in the thyroid gland and not the vocal cords, which causes hoarseness and neck discomfort.
Hope this helps, and best off luck with your singing.
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