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Pain after persistant coughing

I had been coughing/wheezing with runny nose and fatigue for almost two weeks. I went to the doctor 2 days ago and he said I have Bronchitis and put me on Azithromycin. It seems to have started working but I still had a couple coughing fits yesterday. Last night I thought going outside would help. It was a little chilly and rode my bike for about an hour. I could feel a little tightness in my lungs as I breathed but most of the coughing stopped. The slight tightness continued until before I went to bed and I started feeling a stabbing pain on my left side in my chest as I would breathe in, I felt pain. It felt like maybe my lung. Well the pain continued to today and still persists but has gotten a little worse since yesterday. It hurts to breathe in, cough, and lay down. The pain even feels like it goes all the way to my back-the bottom of the shoulder blade. Could this pain be something serious? Is it something I should check into? Or possibly a pulled muscle as I had been coughing a lot in the past two weeks? I seem to be feeling fine all except for the sharp pain. The antibiotic seems to be working. I don't have insurance and don't want to make a trip to the hospital if this is not serious.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The constant coughing could cause muscle strain and chest pain. Sometimes the pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain with coughing referred to as pleuritis. With your symptoms it is likely that the bronchitis has caused consequent pleurisy. Therapy lies in treating the underlying cause and pain killers. So, continue with your medications and take OTC naproxen for relief from pain. If the pain does not resolve or if it is worsening consult your doctor for a re evaluation.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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