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My son is 2 months. He has RSV. On top of that hehas pnemonia and Broncialitis. I am concerned. He has been on life support for a week exactly today. They have him on antibiotics for infection for phnemonia. ANd they say the rsv has to run it's course. But of course he is getting treatments. Such as pounding, suctionning after  his IPV treatments. He had already been in the NICU after giving birth to him for 3 1/2 weeks. He had premaure lungs. 35 weeks old at birth. Jaundice. 1 apnea spell. A cyst in his lever because of abuse from the hospital. The tube that was in his tummy got misplaced to his lever and eventually he formed a cyst. He has had to blood transfusions. One at the nicu after birth because of his anemia. One here because of the same reason. I'm hoping once he gets out of this he'll grow out of it. Like he was never sick. Im afraid he'll develope some kind of lung disease. My question to all this is that he got better. His lungs were clouded and cleared. Now they are clouded once again. They never have a sure answer. Well at least the resident taking care of him doesn't. She stated to me she does not have a crystal ball. Me still being calm. Because I only know what I read about rsv. Well they are talking about wheening him off slowly so tomorrow they can take him off the vent. He is no longer taking the medicine to paralyze him. So he is starting to wake up. What I'm afraid of is it the right time to do this even though his lungs are cloudy. Could he be over the rsv. And maybe his lungs are like that because of the phnemonia. Someone please help. I have faith and hope in the lord Jesus Christ. I know he will be fine. He is obviously getting better. But any inpt or advice would help.  

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