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Respiratory problems due to possible fiberglass dust??


I have a respiratory problem and was wondering if someone has been in similar shoes or could provide any advice.  I don't usually have a problem normally breathing except for the occasional sneezing, etc.  However, the problem seems to during/after I have been working out doing aerobic exercise, mainly running.  If I run two miles for 15 minutes for example, after I am done I have a horrible problem with constant sneezing and a very stuffy nose which will last anywhere from a few hours to a day, during which my nose/throat is very stuffy with mucus and make it more difficult to breathe properly.

I had mainly ignored the problem thinking it was somehow related to common colds which I occasionally get.  But now looking back I realize the problem only started after I had bought and moved into my condo about 4 years ago that has a partially finished basement.  I have been using this partially finished basement for office work working out of home and spend a good amount of time there (probably an average of 8-12 hrs/day at times.)  The partially finished basement has exposed fiberglass insulation between the studs, which I didn't notice until recently.  Doing a search on google, I find that exposed fiberglass is listed as quite dangerous causing may respiratory problems in people.  I also noticed I sneeze a lot more and have more breathing issues when I am at home and in my basement as well.

a.)  I was wondering if this exposed fiberglass insluation could be the main cause causing my respiratory problem??

b.)  Is there a test/kit that can be used to detect whether the air in your home contains fiberglass particles??

c.)  Does anybody have any ideas on best methods to fix the exposed fiberglass insluation problem (is the solution simply to put drywall in the entire ceiling and finish the basement?)

d.)  Should I be worried about any long term effects from possibly breathing this stuff in for the last four years?  I am really worried about any long term damage or cancer that could be caused by this over the last four years!!!!

I would appreciate any feedback or help!!  Thanks!!
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