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Return to sports after IVC filter?

I am scheduled for an emergency inferior vena cava filter next week following recurrence of pulmonary emboli whilst on coumadin. I understand that I will be having a permanent filter. I am 39 years old. I have two questions that haven't been answered in the patient information I was given and would appreciate some help/input.

1. When I have the IVC filter will I still be on life-long coumadin as I am now?

2. Are there any restrictions to doing sports activities with an IVC filter especially in relation to the intensity. For instance is there any problem exercising maximally for 30-90 minutes?

Thanks for any and all help and advice.
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Can anyone tell me if posts on here get viewed and answered? I posted this a couple of weeks ago and haven't seen any comments as yet. I know you are all really busy people but if most posts don't get answered I'm probably better trying another forum.
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