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My daughter has been sick for three and a half weeks now. Fever throwing up and diarrea for first week, then fever and diarrea the next week. Then fever up to 104 and deydration the next took her to the ER they put her on IVs but could not find whats wrong. She has a history of RSV could this be what it is again. I dont know what o do?
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My grandchildren(2-3-4) were taken to ER cause of the same thing.Got this test and that done(no dehydration) and they said they had infectious diarreah.Not all the tests were back yet when they were told they could go home. Wouldn't ya know though..once they were in the ER they didn't all act sick.2 of them had spewed in the truck on the way there. They had been sick like yours for 3 weeks. Off and on this was going on.Gotta check back with my daughter abt the labs. That day they actually were able to keep food down at my house.Got baths and feelin' better. How is your little one doing now? piddler55(Jackie)
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PS What is RSV you mentioned? Jackie
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RSV is a resportory disease that starts as a common cold and then starts to shot down the resportory system very scary. We finally found out what it was that my daughter had. She had strep in the stomach and intestines. Instead of the strep staying in her throat she swallowed it. She got worse that ever after I posted this, so I brought her to a different hospital and they figured it out. thanks for responding.
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