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What else causes phlegm and cough?

I have had a cough and phlegm for 3 years. I was told I have asthma, which was false, then sinusitis, not true, then GERD, all GERD med inffective (Nexium, Prilosec, Zantac)I have also had Endoscopy and biopsy of the top of my stomach which thank God was negative. I am right now on a Z pac antibiotic, my 4th day of 5...no change yet. I have also been hospitalized for chest pain and had a CT chest at that time that showed adenopathy and Iinterstitial lung disease which has since resolved per a follow up CT Chest. I also snore, this just started within the last few months. My hands, fingers and ankles are always swollen. I only weigh 135 lbs but I feel larger since I cannot wear my wedding ring anymore. Help please I cannot take this cough, phlegm, swelling, snoring problem anymore. :-(

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