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dry throat

Dear doctor,
i have problem with my throat that feels so dry sometimes..
here's the story.. i had fever and dysphagia 20 days ago.. i took Cefat (cefadroxyl) 500mg twice daily for 7 days.. after i stop my medication i feel quite better, but the dysphagia still persist.. and getting worse in two days latter.. then i start my new antibiotics regimen.. i took lyncomycin 500mg 3 times daily for 2 days.. but it didn't help much.. so i consult my otolaryngologist.. she gave me Clabat (amoxy-clav) 500 mg 3 times daily and Kataflam (potassium diclofenac) twice daily.. for 5 days.. after 5 days i feel better but not totally recovered.. i still feel pain (dull pain) when i swallow.. and my throat feels so dry.. and sometimes i feel like there's a needle puncturing my throat at only one point, and that made me cough so hard and wouldn't stop until there's tears in my eyes or until i throw up..
My otolaryngologist said that there were no severe inflammatory signs in my throat after she did physical examination.. i had already taken a culture from my throat swab.. the result is they found Klebsiella pneumoniae..
and the sensitive antibiotics are cefotaxime, amikacyn and meropenem..
my question is since there were no signs of severe inflammation is it still necessary for me to take one of those antibiotics recommended? (i haven't took one because i don't like injection)
one more.. what do you think could be the etiology of  my symptomps, the Klebsiella infection or the dry mucose caused by too much medication that i had already taken?
and one more thing.. is Klebsiella pneumoniae infection harmfull or could be self-limited ?
Thank you for your attention.. and i'm looking forward for your answer

dr. Rasmilia
Medical Practitioner from Indonesia
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