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hyperinflation of both lungs/bullous emphasema

I've had bi-lateral lung reduction surgery and i have copd due to bullous emphasema a genetic lung disease passed down to me, i had surgery when i was 27 and i'm 42 now, after i had surgery they gave me 5 years to live back then they i guess didn't know, and of course take good care of myself, but about 3 weeks ago, i woke up in the middle of the night gasping for breathe and during the day now it will hit me and i litterally will have to sit down, now i'm a very active person then i started coughing up blood with my sputum, i always cough up stuff but never blood, i went and got a x-ray and it said both my lungs were hyperinflated , but otherwise normal, it was like pulling teeth to get my dr. to send me for another test to see why i'm coughing up blood, primary care dr.,  he sent me to get a cat scan w/dye, my question is  it nomal to have hyperinflated lungs with my disease and what is hyperinflated lungs? i have also had severe pain in my front chest that goes through to the back and my ribs feel like someone used them as a punching bag. anything you can tell me will be appreciated, i'm a survivor as u can tell i don't complain i'm to busy fighting this disease, so for me to say i'm in pain with my lungs is pretty bad. thanks soooo much and anyone who reads this if their is anything i can do to help anyone please ask, i've been through a few things and i know how terrifying it can be!!!!    GOD BLESS EVERYONE                              it's hard to breathe in louisiana       DEBBY                        

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