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noisey lung, chest pain, cough

I have a variety of things going on here.  I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.

About 4 weeks ago I began to have a dry, unproductive cough that resulted in a dry/sore throat, as well as a hoarse voice.  About 3 days into it, the cough became VERY productive.  After about 2 full weeks, the coughing become MUCH LESS FREQUENT, but still there.  In fact, I STILL have a cough (not NEAR as bad as before....but I still do have to cough).  NOW (week #4) when I cough, it is OFTEN dry, but SOMETIMES productive.

In the morning, I HAVE to always cough, and brownish/greenish/yellowish (depends on the day, honestly) mucus comes up.  After I get that out, I cough sporadically throughout the day and the mucus is usually clear, sometimes white.

At about week #3, I just started to begin to hear an odd "noise" when I would breathe.  It was like a wheeze, but NOT so whistly/high pitched.  This NOISE is worse when I lay down.

I STILL (week #4) have this noise, and it's actually getting WORSE and....different.  Basically, at any point when I deeply exhale and choose to "extend" the exhale, I can hear this noise.  It's SO hard to explain but it sometimes sounds like how pop does when it's fizzing....like a bubbling/gurgling noise.  Sometimes it REALLY just sounds like I can HEAR MUCUS "shaking" in my chest.  This noise is NOT consistent.  In fact, in the morning, it is NON EXISTENT until I cough up those few hunks of mucus I talked about above.  It takes about an hour or two for this "chest congestion"/bubbly/fizzy noise to begin, but once it starts, it lasts ALL DAY.

Again, if I am breathing "normally" (without TRYING to extend my exhale, etc.), no noise is present.  I have to "TRY" to make the noise 90% of the time.  


To top it off, my latest symptom (started about 4-5 days ago), is "chest pain".  I don't mean BREATHING PAIN, but my chest LITERALLY hurts to the touch.  If I touch my ribs inbetween my sternum and breast, it HURTS on the left side. This "pain" is very localized....I mean literally only near 2 ribs and only in a small area of those ribs...it's not all over.  It hurts to the touch, and it hurts if I turn my body a certain way, and it can even hurt if someone hugs me at times.  Some days it hurts worse than others.  IS THIS COSTOCHONDRITIS?  I'm thinking it's muscular or skeletal as it isn't made worse by breathing......but rather by TOUCHING IT/moving my body a certain way.

Last thing to know.....week #3, I also developed out of nowhere a stuffy/runny nose that is SLOWLY going away (I've been doing NetiPot EVERY DAY since).

ANYONE know what ANY of these odd symptoms are?  I'm MOSTLY curious about


p.s. I did see a doc, week #2.5 and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis (just by symptoms/lung sounds) and given augmentin for 5 days.  It didn't help, or if it did...not much....as clearly I still have symptoms/issues.
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