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Follow up question to clarify

Hi Sean,

Thank you for answering my question the other day and so promptly. I was telling you about an incident I had with a girl where we french kissed and she touched my penis with her finger for a quick second. We were fully clothed from waist down.

You told me that I can catch no STD (HIV or syphilis..etc) from this which is great to hear as I was getting really worried about it.

Sorry to bother you again but just to clarify matters as I have read alot of misinformed and misguided info on the net.

I can't catch genital warts (or hpv) from her fingers or from from french kissing?
I assume the answer is no as we could all catch it from shaking someones hand?

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Hi Colin,

No probs. No, I wouldn't think that as a serious possibility. A possibility maybe but a bit like you and I driving along the Amazon together in a Bentley - possible but highly improbable!

You may like to consider having the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine - HPV  vaccine. HPV causes genital warts. Gardasil is a vaccine which will immunise against Subtype 6, 11, 16 and 18 and Cervarix is a vaccine which will protect against subtypes 16 and 18 only.

For males in the UK these are only available from private clinics but personally I think they are worthwhile - you should know that there is a lot of debate around this subject though.

best regards, Sean
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