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Anal Herpes from escorts wrist bracelet?


I'm a 30 y/o hetro male with no previous STD's (tested fairly regularly) freaking out after doing something really, really stupid.

2 days ago I visited a professional escort. I asked her for a handjob with condom as I'm extremely anxious about catching anything, and felt this was as safe as could be (considering that she was an escort).

She offered to give me a massage first, which I was fine with. During the massage, her hands with gently moving around (but never being invasive) my anal area and genitals. Again, this seemed harmless to me.

However, for a good couple of times (maybe 10 times) whilst I was laid on the bed head down, *** exposed as it were, when her hands were going over my anal area, I could feel a wrist bracelet/chain dropping into my anal area as her hand went past. Felt nice, and again, thought little of it in terms of problems.

Now it's 2 days later an I've discovered a tender to the touch red bump in my anal area, the size of the tip of a finger (about 1cm diameter).

I'm freaking out that the bracelet, which she was obviously wearing all day and probably all the time when working, has probably been in a lot of other guys ***** whilst she's performed the same kind of massage (amongst other things) and it's transmitted an STD to me. Could it be considered the same as a sex toy, in which case, have I let an escort basically stroke my *** repeatedly with an unprotected sex toy?

My first thought when I noticed it were - could it be herpes? Can it be transmitted the way i've described? What should I expect in terms of continuing symptoms as from what I've read, this tender lump/bump is just the start of things.

I'm trying to stay rationale but I can't escape the thought i've contracted something.

I will be very, very grateful of any advise from the community on here.

Thank you in advance,

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have you had the bump looked at by a doctor?
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No, I haven't been to a doctor yet. I'm guessing you're saying there is a risk then?
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