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Chlamidia or Gonorhea but urine tests show negative?

After an encounter a while back I had some flu like symptoms. My doctor ruled it as strep even though the test didnt specify strep. I was treated with Doxy. Encounter was protected penetration but I did perform oral on her. I have tested twice for Chla / Gon. First time was 2 months after encounter and  I held urine for 2 hours. Came back negative. I started experiencing joint pain and muscular pain which are unexplained and so far my doctors find no evidence of anything wrong with me. All other STD 10 panel test were negative

Second time I held my urine for about 5 hours thinking that maybe I didnt hold it enough last time. Came back negative too. What are the possibilities that I can have Chla / Gon with negative tests and none of the classic symptoms? Can these go systemic and not be found via a Urine test?
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Hi first of all you can pretty much rule out chlamydia as most experts say it cant be transmitted by oral and getting gono from what you describe is in the real world zero risk. Oral gono is from giving a penis oral not a vagina
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Rectal Chlamydia cannot be detected via Urine test. This is what has me worried.
Your only risk here is oral infection, if your genital intercourse was protected. If you are exposed orally, the infection is oral. That's where you'd get symptoms (if you had any). You don't need to test genitally.

Also, like Dave said, you gave a woman oral sex - the chances of you getting anything orally that way are next to none, so please do yourself a favor and move on from this.

Give it a week or so, see if your symptoms improve knowing that it can't be an STD.
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