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I hope I have thrush....

Thanks to all who can help me out!

I've posted in the derm forum about some of my symptoms, but after more research, I think I may have a yeast infection, or thrush?

I have had little white spots around the rim of my penis head which wont go away when I apply Canesten cream - no other symptoms down there as such.

I have also had many outbreaks of ulcers on my tongue and white spots all over the back of my mouth.

This morning I woke to find a sort of blister/cluster of spots on the inside of my cheek (far back of my mouth near my molars).

The blister has little red spots, almost blood like and one white spot. Im not sure whether they are covered by a film/skin or not, I cant work it out. It is painless, but I know its there, if you know what I mean?

As well as this, for the past week or so I have had a very sore throat, especially when swallowing - which is now dying down.

I have been undergoing a huge amount of stress as I thought I had caught herpes from 20seconds of unprotected sex (before I had the brains to put a condom on) I also put my mouth on her vagina.

To sum up, my symptoms are:

Ulcers on tongue and around inside of mouth,
White spots on rim of penis head (very tiny)
Pain after ejaculation,
chapped lips (no signs of cold sores - I have been exposed to a lot of sun and drinking alcohol?)
Sore throat,
This morning - one blister/spot cluster in mouth

Are these all linked? Or is my paranoia inventing these and applying the to one another?

I can't eat, sleep drink or relax without it playing on my mind :(

Thanks for any input and advice,
Kind Regards,
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Hi Andy -

Have you seen a doctor about all this?  That would be much easier than speculating.

In any case, you don't mention how long you've had any of this, with the exception of the thing this morning and the sore throat.

If you can tell me how long its been, I might be able to help more.

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it had been going on for about three weeks with the spots on my penis and I did go to see the doctor who told me a did not have herpes.

He took two urine samples, one for UTI and one for Chlamydia.

After three weeks, its been the fourth week in which I've had the sore throat, but for the whole four weeks Ive had dry, chapped lips and outbreaks of ulcers on my tongue.

The sore in my mouth does not appear to be a blister and is not sore, it may be from me accidently biting the inside of my mouth maybe?

It simply feels like a rougher patch of skin within my mouth, and from as far as I'm aware, HSV2 doesn't tend to affect within the mouth, especially right at the back next to the molars.

Could the fact I have my wisdom teeth coming though play a part in the ulcers and dry lips?

Thanks auntiejessi :D
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I don't know about the wisdom teeth - way out of my realm, and I had my wisdom teeth removed at 14 before they ever came in, so I don't even have a personal frame of reference.   There is a dental health forum here - they might be able to help you with that.  I can tell you its not at all sounding like herpes.

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Thanks....To be genuinely honest, I really don't care what it is and how long it takes to find out what it is if it's not herpes :D

I don't know why, but since day one thats what I thought it was and it's left me paranoid as hell, even after my doctor told me it wasn't!

Thanks for your help AJ :D
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