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Hi. I received oral sex on 5th March. Feeling stressed about it I went to the gum clinic 14 day post exposure and got tested for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. They also done a dawn test that came back clear. I also got tested privately 18 days post exposure.
About 1 week after tests I went back to clinic as feeling a little weird in penis. Another swab test done, came back slightly night white cell count. (Only just over). I was given 7 days doxycyline. Took the meda and they did nothing so tool 1 gram azthrimicin. Again, this done nothing. Waited 2 weeks after taking azthrimicin and went back to the clinic. Spoke to doctor about continuing symptoms. Another swab test taken, this time came back within normal range although he did say that there were a few white blood cells still there but in normal range <5 wbc.
I was still very stressed about this so I waited a further week and got a test done for mycoplasma Genitalium and UU by PCR. Results came back negitive for both. Was wondering about hsv1 but I don't and never have had any blisters on penis. Also, my wife has cold sores and I have never had any issues.
It is now post 6 weeks since symptoms started and still no relief. Worried that I might infect my partner despite negitive for all std.
Any advice would be most welcome.
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What symptoms?
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Strange feeling at end of urethra. Almost like there is a feeling of discharge but there is none. Just feels weird. Maybe I am paying too much attention to it.
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I was thinking that. I have had all these tests come back negitive so there can't be any std in the real sense of the word. It's just weird because it can on so suddenly just after I had been to the clinic. Had urine culture done that failed to find any markers for infection. Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syph, mycoplasma and ureaplasma all negative. I should also mention that me and my wife occasionally have anal sex. I suppose ngu could be the result of that practice. Suppose I will never know.l what it is even if it doesn't go away.
Do you have any suggestions as to how to proceed?
Many thanks
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Yes NGU could be from anal sex as bacteria like ecoli would do that.
How to proceed...just move on and forget about it.
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went back to the clinic on monday and had another swab done. came back completely normal with no puss cells found at all. I asked the doctor if it was reasonable to assume that i may have never had ngu in the first place for the following reasons.
first swab done was negative for nsu.
second swab done 1.5 weeks later was slightly over 5 wbc
third swab done 3 weeks later was within normal range but with a few wbc
fourth swab test done 3 weeks later was completely normal.
spoke with doctor at length. he said that anxiety was a major factor making me squeeze and examine my penis, thus causing inflammation and symptoms that weren't necessarily there or even magnifying normal sensations.
Still feels a bit off down there but as long as i know there is no infection i can live with it and it will most likely go away in time if i stop thinking about it.
Learned a real tough life lesson with this. Its just not worth the stress and anxiety. Peace and love people
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Still having all the same symptoms. Have not been back to the clinic again. Do you think I should return for further evaluation. I am extremely anxious about this. I have been in tears a few times now. I am constantly beating myself up. Don't want to lose my family.
Again, all std tests negitive.
Cham neg
Gon neg
Uu neg
Mycoplasma gen neg
Gonna do one more full panel test that includes trich. Really stressed about this. Can't function any more. Have thought about suicide a couple of times now.
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Mot, don't even think of suicide.

It does sound like anxiety. Have you seen a counselor?
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Trich is worth testing for though. Good luck.
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Mot, I wanted you to know my situation is very much like yours.

A low-risk encounter, very much anxiety, and nebulous symptoms that are hard to pin down and don't necessarily scream STD. Plus negative tests.

I guess I just want you to know you are not alone. Hang in there.
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So I went back to the clinic today. They would not do another swab test as they said that the two previous tests were fine. They did do a urine dip stick test that was absolutely fine. They told me nothing wrong with me and to stop worrying.
Thing is though, when the doc done the last swab, he did it really quickly. I talking about one second. All the previous tests have taken about 5 seconds. As you can imagine, I am now thinking that previous swab was not taken correctly. Really don't know what to do
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Can anyone help me.
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