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Is anyone knowledgeable about mycoplasma?

Is it possible to contract mycoplasma genitalia or urea plasma from recieving unprotected  oral sex. I’m asking bc It stings really bad when I urinate.the symptoms arrived 3 days after unprotected oral Been tested for everything and was negative. Also was treated for ghonnarea, chlamydia, and trick bc of symptoms as well but results were negative
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Mycoplasma and ureaplasma aren't thought to be transmitted by oral.

Did they look for white blood cells in your urine?

What medications did they give you - just a shot or pills, too? Do you know the names of them?

What day did you test? Was it by urine or swab?

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Thank you for responding. I was initially given a shot of rocephin and 1 gram of azithromax. But I returned back to the quick care bc my symptoms had gotten worse. My penis was burning when I urined and it wasn’t doing that previously. I was prescribed doxycycline for a week.  2 pills a day .I was tested for hiv, chlamydia,ghonnarea, syphillis, hepatitis, and hiv and trich. I was tested through urine and blood samples.Everything was negative even tho I was having symptom’s still. I’m currently going to see a urologist today but I had seen on the internet about mycoplasma and urea plasma and wanted to know maybe if that could be my problem.Some sites are saying you can get it through oral and some are saying you cannot or it isn’t really passed that way. The symptoms started 3 days after oral. My groin lymph nodes were a bit swollen and tender as well
Testing while you're on antibiotics can give you false negatives. It's unfortunate they didn't test you before.

In your research, have you come across something called NGU? It's simply an infection in your urethra and can be caused by anything except gonorrhea.


Even viruses that don't normally infect the genital or urinary tract can cause this, like the adenovirus, which causes a sore throat or an eye infection.

Many of these can be transmitted by oral sex.

Definitely follow up with the urologist. You'll need to wait a few weeks after completing the antibiotics to test again.

When was the oral? How long has it been now?

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol. It won't cure anything, but it will help flush out bacteria and cause less irritation.
Hello and thanks once again for responding. I truly do appreciate it. The unprotected oral was on 4/30/2023. It’s been over a week now. 10 days to be exact. I seen my urologist yesterday. The people who worked there that I spoke with was aware of urea plasma and mycoplasma genitalia. My urologist tested me for it as I told her my situation and my concerns and how I read about this bacterial from reading on the internet and maybe this could be what this is since my std results were negative for everything else.She told me that it isn’t passed from unprotected oral. It is usually passed from unprotected penetrative sex. I asked her would the test still be accurate since I’ve urined already earlier that day. She told me that the test should still be accurate enough and to continue my meds that I was already on until I get my results back. She gave me azo pills to help with the stinging and burning
My urologist was aware that the test could not be as accurate since I was on meds provided by my previous healthcare but still wanted to test anyways since I was stinging and burning.  If symptoms  still persist after  I’m done with medication I will wait until medication is out of my system   and retest for the mycoplasma and urea plasma to rule it out.                             - I’m currently looking up ngu now to research on it
If you need to test again, make sure they test for white blood cells in your urine, too.

In the meantime, drink lots of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible. Those are very irritating to the bladder, and in turn, can irritate the urethra.
So my last question to you just for clarification. When  you say  ureaplasma and mycoplasma genitalia arent thought to not be passed by oral does that mean it’s still a unknowingly chance it can be passed that way? I’m asking just for my own understanding and knowledge. This is all new to me
Mycoplasma is a newer STI, and researchers thus far have found that it is very rarely found in the throat, and don't think it is transmitted from there. That's not to say it will not change, but thus far, it is not thought to. Just take comfort that it's very rare to be found in the throat.

Ureaplasma is tricky because there are some experts who aren't even sure it's an STI. It can be found naturally in the genital or urinary tract, and most of the time, it doesn't cause any problems.

Ureaplasma can be found in the throat, but doesn't cause any problems. There's not a lot of research on oral transmission definitively, and it's not what I'd worry about if I was giving or receiving unprotected oral.

I know you have unresolved symptoms, but even if you test positive for either Mgen or ureaplasma, it doesn't mean it came from the oral sex.

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