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Possible STDs from precum contacting my anus

I went to a massage days ago. I was naked lying on the bed and a male massager was giving me a full body massage. Suddenly I realized he touched my anus with some kind of fluid. Then I saw him using his finger to put some of his  precum on my anus area. I stopped the massage immediately.
Then I was worried about possible STDs from him to transmit to me. He did not put his finger inside my anus. He is a married guy with woman and kids. He said he is clean.
I searched online and found that possible STDs passing by precum include HIV, chlamedia, ghonerrea, etc.
what should I do now? Should I go see my doctor for a complete STD screening?
Your advice is truly appreciated.
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Hi you had zero risk for any std from what you describe
Thank you so much. I feel a little bit better now.
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Today I got flu like symptoms with sore throat, fever of 101 degrees, and cough.
Now I am scared. Is it symptoms of hiv? I  mremember that guy put his precum on his finger and rubbed the outside of my anus entrance, and he did not slide his finger inside my ***. Is it still possible to catch hiv this way?
I will go see my doctor tomorrow and see if I got flu or cold.
Any input is truly appreciated
How soon can you have hiv symptoms? I started flu like symptoms 4 days after exposure. Thanks
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