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Red Shiny bump

This is the third shiny red bump i've had in the past year or so. They come and go. I dunno what it is and am very worried. It starts out as a small white looking bump with a ever so light small spot in the center. Then with time gets bigger and turns red and shiny. I pushed on it a bit last night and some white puss came out, I washed it off and then blood came out. I have viewed herpes pictures and it doesn't really look alot like they do. I do not have any redness besides the bump itsself. I am not sure if this is Herpes or not. I have read up and it could be molluscum or multiple of other things. I'm just praying it's not herpes. I don't have any symptoms. I did notice it itched slightly from time to time before it got bigger. I don't want to have sex with my girlfriend b/c I am worried. Please let me know what this may be! I would go get it checked out by a doctor but as of right now I have no health insurance.
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Nobody on this forum is a doctor.

Does not sound like herpes to me.  Sounds the most like a simple zit, although the small spot in the center would be consistent with molluscum, so that's possible.

Places like Planned Parenthood have a sliding scale for payment, so you could probably get checked out very cheaply.  Often times, county health clinics offer free STD exams.  So you do have options for getting checked out.
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That's what I was thinking it was. From what I understand, Herpes starts out from a red dot. Mine started out a very small and white with a small black spot in the center. Do you know if it is cureable? When I do get them(the past three times) i take my shaver and cut it and push the puss out till it bleeds and heals up or I just pop them like a pimple is that bad or could it make it worse? My girlfriend is also concerned. My only concern is going to get tested and the doctor diagnosing me with herpes. They say Herpes is the most std misdiagnosed! Please get back with me!!
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Well, I don't know what it is to say if it's curable.  Certainly acne is.  So is molluscum, for that matter.

Actually lancing molluscum is a way of treating it, the only risk there is it's pretty easy to spread so you have to be very careful to not get the contents of the core on anything.  You can also treat it with freezing, burning, Aldara, or Retin-A.

One note is a molluscum center is harder and waxy, not so much like more liquid puss.  That would be more like just regular acne.

I still say, get it looked at to really know what it is.
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Alright, I appreciate it, the clinic is open on wednesday! free testing!! Thanks for all of the help, i'll let you know what the results come back as
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