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Risk of STD and symptoms


I had sex with a sex worker 4 months ago and i tested negative for gonorrhea (7 days later), syphilis (6 weeks later), HIV (4th gen combo) (10 weeks later) and negative urinalysis. I used a condom with this sex worker and I carry my condoms in a small bag and that day I had wet socks because of her bathroom floor and i took them off and kept in the same pocket of my bag for a day with condoms. After all these tests, I used condoms taking new out of the packet and after 4 days I felt groin pain for some days then it was gone and now i keep feeling weird sensations in groin area.

So could it be possible that those socks absorbed something and then infected my condoms when they were in my bag and I got infected when i put condom on some days later? I know i am being paranoid but all these symptoms are making me worried. I'll appreciate any help.
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About 3 months a go I had protected sex with a escort. Testicle discomfort started 4 days after. At 7 days I went to clinic and took the most azitro and cef the most effective antibiotics against chlam and gono discomfort continued for two months no discharge nothing. Just testicle discomfort tingling itching weird feelings on my scrotum  After searching for an answer for months negative test. What I learned is. Condoms work. If your looking for symptoms you will find something. If you search the Internet for symptoms you will find what maches yours related to std. if you constantly check your self you can actually create some of the symptoms.
I would stay off the internet try to forget about it and see how it plays out.  Don’t test unless you know each test is conclusive otherwise there will always be the what if
The antibiotics I took where probably not necessary and may have caused some of my ‘symptoms’
so did it stop? like you are totally fine now? what did your doc say?
Yes it stopped when I finally figured out it was in my head. The doctor diagnosed me with epiditimytis. And prescribed some antibiotics I did not take because after reading a lot about about epidi I figured my doctor misdiagnosed me it seems like the go to diagnosed when it comes to unexplained testicle discomfort. Testicle pain is not a common complication of std and when it happens it’s almost always accompanied by discharge. Epidi from what I’ve read I’d quite painful. Are you waking up at night because of your pain? I was not. If I truly focused on something else something your mind can truly be engaged in is the pai still there?
I am totally fine no more pain after seeing all the anxiety post here and on experts sites I concluded that it’s more likely to catch anxiety from encounter than to catch std
Thanks man. this is so helpful. you are right. it is just because of anxiety and i keep thinking about possibilities of if there was something and many IFs. i have to get it out of my head and hopefully it will work like it did for you.
Ya I kept stressing about it all day. Thinking of every what if. There was some coincidences along the way or at least I viewed them as coincidences. And coincidences seem to be the source of some of our greatest irrationalitys.
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Stick ur finger in your butt. If it feels good, and you pull your finger out an d it smells clean, I'd say your fine.
Thanks doctor!
I hope it worked for you, Cupid. But i don't think it would work for me.
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