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STD Risk from Hands/Mouth

I recently had hand/mouth contact from a massage parlor and I have been having trouble wondering about possible STDs due to a couple of symptoms. Here is a timeline of what has happened:
Day 1 - Contact
Day 6 - Full razor shave (shaft/testicles). First time I have ever done this due to a vasectomy.
Day 12 - Small brown/red spot on shaft. Not raised or only very slightly (hard to tell), sort of triangular, about the size of a pencil eraser, fairly clear transition border from regular skin to darker patch.
Day 28 - Urgent care visit where the Dr. inspected the spot and thought it was not a wart, but also did not ask my sexual history in any way. He also said if it did not blister and stayed for longer than 2 weeks it was most likely not HSV.
Day 33 - Slight pain/irritation on the shaft/under the head of my penis after masturbation. The only thing that seems to get rid of the irritation is jock itch cream, but the irritation does keep coming back ever few days. I also may have small tears after masturbation, but have can't be sure, and I've never experienced this in the past.

It has now been 50+ days since the sexual contact and I still have this brown/red spot on my penis shaft. I am unsure of who to go back to see for a follow up appointment.

1) I've seen varying posts on HPV/HSV risk from hands. It seems that statistically it cannot be ruled out, but more than likely not a factor. Any other thoughts?
2) The mouth contact I received was minor tongue/kissing on my inner thighs and scrotum. Is there any way I would show symptoms away from those sites and on my penis shaft where no oral occurred?
3) Who should I see for a follow up if one is required? Urology? Dermatology? GP?
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What was this contact?
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I received a handjob and light kissing on my scrotum.
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No risk
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