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STD/sti worries after oral sex

Ok so this may be long. Last year I received oral sex at a massage parlor. A few months after I started have like a ticklish feeling in my penis, lower abdominal discomfort (with gastritis) and either my upper legs were swelling or my testicles seemed to be lower ( not swollen). So I went to the doctor. First time he gave me a basic urine test and physical exam. He dismissed the notion of an std. said gastritis and anxiety. A moth or so later I went back to doctor still with these issues. Another urine exam, blood test. They also tested me for h pylori. Test positive for h pylori. Again he dismissed the std notion. Said my blood work and physical exam showed him nothing to warrant any testing. So I start the antibiotics for h pylori. Still worried so I went to an anonymous testing center and was test for chlmydia. That test came back negitive. Most symptoms subsided except lower abdomen discomfort.
My symptoms seemed to have returned. Lower abdomen pain, ticklish feeling (not constant) in my penis, etc. should I get retested for std? Could the test I took been a false negative. Could I have passed it on earlier to my wife and have now gotten it back? A little scared. I thought this was all behind me.
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Okay so first, the STDs that you're at risk for from receiving oral sex are gonorrhea, NGU (an infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea), syphilis and genital herpes type 1.

We can rule out syphilis and herpes. Those would produce blisters or sores, and you haven't had either of those.

When you say basic urine test, do you mean the dipstick test that he does in the office? Your second urine exam - did they send that off to be cultured, or was that a dipstick test?

When you went to the anonymous testing center, how did they test you - urine or swab of your urethra? I'm very surprised they didn't do a gonorrhea test at the same time they did the chlamydia test - those are often run at the same time.

In any of your results, do they mention finding white blood cells in your urine?

Has your doctor done a prostate exam or done a PSA? These symptoms could be a sign of an enlarged prostate.

Oral sex is lower risk than vaginal sex, and gonorrhea is fairly uncommon. If you have an infection, which I doubt you do or your doctor would have mentioned white blood cells in your urine as an indicator for further STD testing (unless he's a complete idiot, which could be the case), it would probably be more likely to be NGU, which is more common. That can be caused by normal mouth bacteria, or even things like strep, adenovirus (which causes bronchitis and other upper respiratory infections), etc.

How are they treating the h pylori? What antibiotics were you on? If you tested at the clinic while on antibiotics, any test you took then could have been a false negative. Chlamydia isn't transmitted by oral sex, though, so if that's the only test you took, it's not a false negative.

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So the urine test at the doctor both times was a dip stick test. Nothing in the UA except the second time I had measured Ketones.
At the clinic it was a urine test, just chlamydia. I did one of those where you buy it online. I did that cause it never burned when I pee or any discharge and I had read chlamydia is the most symptomatic, but O also read that you can get that from oral. IDK

I can’t remember exactly what but I was on amoxicillin and another antibiotic for h pylori. I believe I had just finished taking them.
I become way more active around the time this all starts, but I also had sex with my wife before this all started again so now I am worried I passed it before and now have it again.

But I don’t have any of the typical std symptoms and neither does she that I know of.
So in theory, chlamydia can be transmitted via oral sex, but most experts in the field say they've never seen a case of oral chlamydia, and I've never seen on here or at the clinic I used to work at. Most clinics don't even do oral chlamydia tests, only oral gonorrhea tests.

So ketones can be elevated if you're dehydrated. How high were they? They can also indicate diabetes, but you'd probably have some other abnormal results, too. How's your water intake? Do you drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol?

If you want to rule STDs out, get tested for gonorrhea and NGU. I don't think you have either, or your urine tests would show white blood cells, but if you need to do it to put it to rest, then do it.

I'd also ask your doctor for a prostate exam or imaging, and concentrate on drinking more water and lay off the other stuff.

I'd be very surprised if you had an STD.

First I want to say thank you for the answers without judgement. It makes me feel better being able to speak with someone!

I have been drinking mostly water and mornings green tea. Since all this started coffee seems to upset my stomach.

I will look into doing the test to put my mind at ease. It is just very depressing not knowing what is wrong with you and being scared to go to the doctor.
We never judge here, but I'm glad you appreciate it. :)

I understand the fear of going to the doctor, but if it's something with your prostate, you'll want to find that out. You don't mention your age, but if you are at an age where prostate cancer could be an issue, you'll want to get that checked.

Has your doctor examined your testicles? Done anything to rule out testicular cancer?

Originally yes he did physical exam of my pelvic region, said every thing looked and felt normal. The first time he checked my prostrate and said maybe a little swollen but nothing of concern.
Oh age 42
Good. You're out of the typical age range for testicular cancer, but men of any age can get it, so I'm glad he checked.

You are getting to an age where things are more likely to happen with your prostate, though again, that can happen at any age.
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Sorry I keep posting in wrong thread.


Ok went in and got gohno/chlamydia test through STDcheck.com. My anxiety is now back through the roof as I wait on the results. I know that those things can be cured, but the harm it will do to family and kids has me scared to death. So now I wait and hope for negative results. I can tell you one thing I will never be stupid like that again.
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Have you ever heard of catastrophizing? https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/dec/29/stop-catastrophising-expert-guide-psychologist It sounds like that's what you're doing here.

While you wait, something productive to keep you busy would be to research therapists that are approved by your insurance (if you have it), and that specialize in anxiety. You need to find peace with this, no matter what the results say. Even if they're negative, and they will be, that doesn't mean your anxiety is magically better or your guilt goes away.

It's been a year, right? You deserve to forgive yourself and find peace. :)
Thank you for the words. I read that when posted in another thread. My fear is that I screwed up and I always try to bury things instead of face them. So now the test in and I have to face it. Thanks for all you do.
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This is JMB65 (that account was disabled). Anyways got my test back just now for gohno and chlamydia from std check. I was not detected for either. I know I was a pain and letting my anxiety make me paranoid. Just wanted to let you know my results. I am thankful for the information on here and all your help during this truly difficult time.
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