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Suspected Molluscum

Well, for the past month or so i've been noticing a few red bumps on one side of genital area, at the point where the base of my penis meets my pubic area. I first noticed them when i had shaved there a few weeks ago, and they were small and barely noticeable. Now there are about 10 on my left thigh, and another bunch in the same area as they have been. Before i did any ressearch i tried popping them because i thought they were pimples. I've realized since then that they weren't, and after a few weeks of reading up i'm almost positive its Molluscum. I read a lot about home remedies and such, and for the past 3-4 days i've been using the Apple Cider Vinegar to try and clear them up myself. I'm not sure if this is going as well as I thought, and i'm almost ready to see a doctor. I haven't had sex in almost 5 months now, so i'm 99.9% sure i didn't contract them sexually. However just before the bumps started to spread and grow a little, i had a case of jock itch which was also a first for me. I believe the jock itch came from poor hygeine, and i got rid of it with over the counter cream. I've recently been dating a new girl and she's really eager to have sex, and i've been reluctant to have sex with her for obvious reasons. I certainly don't want to spread the virus to her, and i was hoping i could clear it up on my own, but it's not happening fast enough, and I don't wanna risk losing this relationship because we don't have sex and i'm too scared to tell her about this. I'm not sure what to do about the whole situation as I haven't had a regular doctor since my pediatrician when i was in high school. I don't want to scare her off if she thinks this is an STD, which I don't think it is in this case, but there's no way to be sure i guess. I have a pretty high threshold for pain, so I will continue to try the apple cider vinegar for now. I don't even know how to approach a doctor like this though, i feel uncomfortable meeting a new doctor for the first time, and having to show him/her this. Any suggestions towards my situation would be greatly appreciated. I really like this girl, and I honestly think that if I tell her she wouldn't hate me for it, but i'm still scared to tell her and I don't want to risk losing her.

I'll post pics when i can, thanks ahead for any help that can be given!
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I think this gal would far more respect the truth from you than she will you hemming and hawing and putting off sex without a good excuse. Even worse would be if you had a weak moment and had sex without telling her about the MC and then she ends up with it.  You need to be talking about std's with her anyways so why not just start off talking about those in general and testing and then come around to what's going on in your own body and why you don't have to start being intimate with her yet.  

vinegar isn't going to work. see a doctor and get proper treatment.


ps if you read our posting tips - photos are absolutely not allowed.
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