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I went to a massage parlor and received an erotic massage.. the lady sat on my butt and back.. she grinding a little. not sure if she had on panties..or not..  she also sucked my testicles briefly and my nipples.. this was on January 12..    I was paranoid about Syphilis , so I went to the Dr.    I did not see any chacre anywhere, but i was just anxious.. I got Doxycyclene 100mg twice a day for 10 days on Jan 25 .. By Feb 4-8 I got itchy and rash on my chest and sore throat.. I also have mouth ulcer.. kind of looks like snail track ulcer.. not sure..
could secondary syphilis come this soon?      would the doxy I took cure it , if I had it? please help.
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No it wouldnot be 2ndary syphilis that soon. And the rash mainly apperas on the feet and hands. Doxy might have but I se no real risk for syphilis.
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I am still wondering.. my palms are very red. little blotchy.. but when I raise my hands above my head the redness goes away mostly..
and then as i put my hands back down they get bright red.
could this be syphilis related?        please help
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you have posted with this incident several times now which is against our forum guidelines.

once again, you have no reason to think this is a std. continue to be seen by your medical provider for better answers.

please do not continue to post repeatedly about this incident - thank you.

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