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Throat infection

This is very complex. On November 20th I went for a full sexual health screen in the UK. During the throat swab, the swab stick snapped. The doctor had his hands down my throat trying to make me sick and therefore he had his hands at the back of my throat. I am worried because he may have touched something that had been used by a previous patient by accident when placing my used swabs in the bag. one bag is used for 2 patients. If he had touched any female or male secretions from a used swab and then put his hands down my throat, what are the chances of catching gonnarea, chlymadia, HIV or Syphllis. Also I has my hands down my throat and I was touching the bed where each patient lies on as I thought there was a mark on the bed from the previous patient and I was touchingit and I also had my hands inside my throat as I was the one that pulled out the snapped swab stick out. I am worried I have caught HIV because I had the flu 3 weeks later where my whole body ached and could not get out of bed. Also, I had a an open cut at the side of my mouth at the time of the screen and since the doc and me put our hands down my throat I have had an infection of 2 spot like things at the corner of my mouth, that are circle in shape, that go away when I have used antibiotic and eumovate creme but then come back a couple of days later. I am scared that these are chancers. Also, 4 weeks after the incidient i developed a sore throat which 5 weeks on has developed into an itchy throat with lumps spreading around the inside of my mouth towards the back of my throat. They are not painful but are itchy. My doc says my throat is red and the spots are ulcers. But I thought ulcers were painful and not itchy. Is this a symptom of gonnarea, chlymadia or warts in my mouth. Also, I phlegmed in my 20 month year old nephews mouth by accident and it came from the back of my throat directly into his mouth. What are the chances of giving him gonnareah and chlymadia this way? please help
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I would seriously doubt that one bag is used for 2 patients.  That would cross contaminate, and test results wouldn't be accurate.  

Every scenario you are describing is impossible - STDs are spread by sexual contact and/or blood.  

Your throat sounds like strep or just another plain old virus that is so common this time of year.  Most pharyngeal stds don't give symptoms.

I don't know why you aren't covering your mouth when you cough, but the most your nephew got with this is your virus or strep.  

Transmission of any of these just doesn't occur the way you are describing, and there is just no way that a clinic uses the same bag for specimens, unless they are already in the vials.

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