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Urethral irritation getting worse after treatment..

I have ongoing urethral irritation driving me crazy! Sitting on the couch it’s about 4/10 in discomfort tonight..The irritation I feel in my penis at this moment is a slightly milder version of what I’ve felt before just inside the tip of urethra after an ejaculation...a burning/stinging sensation. I had a period of a month or two where it happened quite a few times after masturbation, where it stung for a bit and resolved in a few minutes..

It has been going for over 2 weeks and seemed to start (maybe coincidentally?) after getting a brief anal digital exam two weeks ago because I’ve had some fecal leakage or mucus maybe related to internal hemorrhoids and some associated anal itching and irritation for at least a year.. I chalked it up to diet.. Doc said he didn’t see anything unusual in the way of hemmorhoids or prostate ..

No, I’m not gay and have never done anything with my butt, lol.. I’m married but occasionally do the Asian massage place for the obligatory handob/blowjob.. Please don’t judge..

I’ve been tested, twice by urine for Gonorrhea and chlamydia with negative results.. I had a complete blood panel in August with completely all clear for everything known to man (HIV, Hep, etc) , with the exception of a Herpes 1 indicator (cold sore version) although I’ve never had a cold sore by the way and a borderline positive ANA Titer result of 1:160 Speckled which the doc said would only be indicative of Lupus or Sjogrens if I had correlative symptoms of that, which I don’t.

A week ago, I was given a shot of Rocephin and a Zithromax pack and I think my symptoms are actually getting worse.. I had another complete blood panel today and am waiting for the results and have an appt on Monday with a urologist because the doc, (without doing an exam) thinks my symptoms mirror prostate symptoms. I tried to internet diagnose and thought Trichomonias fit my symptoms, but the doc said he’s rarely seen that and there is no definitive test for it ..

I seem ok for the most part in the morning, with the exception of this-morning, but in the evenings, I feel the urge to pee quite often at the tip of my penis, just inside, I go and it feels good to go and I’m relieved for a short while and then have to go again .. While in bed waiting to go to sleep, I have to get up at least twice to satisfy the urge before going to sleep. Throughout the day I have “twinges” of discomfort or irritation that cause me to adjust or go pee, but everything is magnified at night.

I have no visible issues, everything looks perfect, I’ve never had any discharge and I check every morning and periodically. I have avoided any sexual activity and haven’t had an erection for probably 9 days and I don’t milk or play with it..

I am beginning to wonder if the anal itching and urethral itching could be related and/or be an STD they can’t find? Could the doc in a box be right that this points towards prostate problems? Would prostate issues be felt in the tip of the penis?

Professional advice appreciated.
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My best advice is to follow up with your urologist. I would love to give you answers, but there are so many variables that it would just be guesses. Keep track of all of the symptoms and when they occur and take that with you to your follow up. I wish you all the best.
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Can you also please help with my question too...Nobody seems to be replying...thanks !
I think you can pretty much rule out an STD. On the short list of differential diagnosis I would say urethritis may be the cause. You can have urethritis and still have a normal urine culture. But again, I would defer to your urologist.
Also I would see your urologist and not a doc in the box. You need to see your specialist for an accurate diagnosis. Just my two cents.
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Hey Globug, any updates?
Have you tried testing for Mycoplasma Genitalium? Or even trich, since you're worried?
You can get tested - go to myLabBox.com and get the MG test or whatever you want. Just make sure you've been off antibiotics for at least 3 weeks, preferably more.
Your symptoms are similar to others with MG.
Hope you're feeling better!
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