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is it an STD???

my husband has been having a problem since a few days..he has noticed a sort of rash on his glans penis which gives him a burning sensation. it irritates him and he feels a bit better when he presses on his penis for relief...

according to him, this has happened because we had bath at someone's place where the water had rusty contents. he had washed his glans penis with that water and after a few days, he felt an irritating sensation in his penis. when he washed his glans penis with clean water (this time), he started noticing those rash..or spots rather..

we are both in this relationship since this year and we never had sex with other persons before, so do you think this is a case of an STD? i am worried for his health, please help me doctor!!!!
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If he has been faithful, it is not.  He may have been sensitive to the water or soap or combination of both.
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