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open sores that swell up from sex

I have these red sores on my penis, it's under the skin that folds up. They are not very painful unless aggravated by rubbing on clothes or having intercourse. I am circumcised and have only been with 2 girls in my entire life. my current girlfriend did recently tell me she cheated on me and also had a yeast infection a while back. For a few months now these sores come and go.. They usually stay for a couple of days to a week or 2 and disappear and I have no problems, After sex this morning it swelled up a little and I'm getting a little nervous as to what I have. Google hasn't helped and I'm a lil embarrassed to see a doctor but I will eventually this week, anyways it doesn't smell and my penis doesn't burn when I pee. It's just open sores that come and go. their isn't any warts/herpes. Any ideas would be helpful.
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Hi, from what your describing appear fungal related. I think it would be to your advantage to see a doc and have them swabbed to see what these are since they come and go. For a herpes test have them swabbed within 48 hours after appearing to rule this out.
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