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scab on shaft getting bigger now...need help

i know last month ive been posting alot asking alot ...

but this is worrying me because on the top right of my shaft uder the penis by the head...its like a big circle scab with a little scab in the middle outline of it looks flaky ..a little itchy , 3 bumps on my penis spreading far far away from each other like 2 far distant in the mddle of the shaft and one 3 cm away from the scab .. ..still no discharge or liquid coming out from it ..its still the same since last month ..but how it happen was weird..had some flaky bump then it turned into this ...im confused because theres no blisters or no sores..or anything ... just those red spreaded bumps painless and then that big circle scab or whatever it is ...
is it a lession ?..my thing is i googled and none of them look like the one i have down there...just a circle with outline scabbnies and inside a little circle with scab...

- itchy..but not alot

please help with some answers  
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and its flesh colored..a tiny but red
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See a Dr, we can't tell you what a bump is. Skin issues are impossible to give an indication online, they need a visual exam.
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Does it sound like an std ? My test results were negative last month ,they said it was balanitis..just asking on your thought what it can be

Hiv neg
Gon neg
Clyma neg
Syplis neg
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Can't say
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Why's that? ...I'm just worried about my self and last month when I went to the doc he brought an older doc with more exp and said it wasn't herpes so I'm confused and worried
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Why can't I say it is not or it is a STD...because only tests can.
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