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some symtoms of STDs but not sure.

I kissed this girl i met in a club. we went back to my place and we made out a little bit and then she just gave me a blowjob. wasnt really long. just for a few minutes. it was hurting my penis while she was doing it. i stopped because of that pain. It never hurt when i had blow jobs before.

After a few days later, or the next day i cant seem to remember. everytime i have to pee it would start to burn a little on the tip and it burned a whole lot when i actually peed.

i start to get so paranoid that my head started to hurt and started breaking out. and one night i had this strong cold like symptom and my left nose was stuffy and my head was hurting. it was the right temple. and it was very strong pain. i took 335mg asprin even then it still hurt. i was also having various pain all over my body.

now everytime i have to pee it burns. and at times i get a very strong ELECTRIC like shock on the tip of my penis.

so i was with this other girl and we were cuddling and making out. when i got so horny it would only hurt. No feeling of plesure at all. it just hurt so much but i was erected.

so the next day i decided to jerk off to see if it hurt. there was mild pain and when i ejeculated the semen was mucus like and lots was on the toilet seat. it was floating. instead of it being togtaher, the semen was spreading out like ramen noodles or like strings. and it was also a little yellow grrenish but more white.

i did go see the doctor and i was a instant negative for HIV. now

I don't know if i have contracted any STD's or anything. but i need some answers because im so paranoid that im getting depressed.
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If you went to see a Dr why did you not test for STD's? The burning during urination is a sign of some sort of infection.
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i did, they took my blood from my arm and my left index finger. and also took my urine and the doctor checked my genitals. im waiting on the tests but at the same time these symptoms are making me paranoid and just wanted some answers to those symptoms.
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You have to wait for the test results, we can't diagnosis you.
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for sure i know you cant.

to add, i woke up with a bit of mild pain in my right testicle and my right eye was extremely tired and it was a little red.

my question is whats the worst can happen?

I want to have kids one day and dont want to infect my partner and kids
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Just wait for the test results.
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