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Is it possible to get a STD/STI from rubbing a **** towel over my face and genitals

Yesterday, I was at a massage parlor in an Asian country. When I stepped in, the massage lady said there is no massage, only sexual services. I asked if I could shower first and I was shown a shower cubicle. I was slightly alarmed as the shower cubicle was dirty with brown stains on the floor, it looked unwashed in years. I was given a towel that was damp and crumpled. I was too nervous to notice, so after showering, i dried up my body using the towel, including rubbing my face, and possibly my eyes and genitals too.

The massage lady gave me a blowjob and a handjob, both of which was protected by a condom. I noticed that she did not lay a new sheet or linen on the massage table, and after I ejaculated, she handed me a new towel for showering, which was again damp and crumpled.

At that time, I was way too nervous to take note, but now I am worried, if a **** towel (unwashed towel used to clean up previous customers' ejaculations) had rubbed into my face and genitals, am I at risk of STD or STI?
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Some responses for me are easy and can be answered from the title alone. You do not have a STI from a towel.

Now I have read your write up, guess what, nothings changed. No you can’t get an STI from a towel.

Even if everything you said happened you wouldn’t get an STI, if it’s truly is a dirty towel perhaps some other none STI bacteria but the whole reason STI are STI is they require sexual contact to transmit.

I guess though the towel is not dirty, it’s just been cleaned and wrong out recently.
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Thank you very much for your answer.

Out of curiosity, what about if live saliva hits the tip of the penis? Is saliva a transmission path for STD through the tip of the penis?
Saliva is not a viable transmission route for STIs.
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