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Oral sex

I am a boy who had oral sex with a guy 2-3 weeks ago. Last week, I learned that I was suffering from gonorrhea. After receiving treatment and taking medicine, I found out that I seem to have BURNING MOUTH SYNDROME. Could this be caused by taking medicine? Is it related to another STD?
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Did you have oral gonorrhea or genital?

Burning mouth syndrome has a lot of causes, and it's often hard to pinpoint the one that is causing it for you.


Medications can cause it, but it's particularly high blood pressure meds that cause it. What meds did you take for your gonorrhea?

Oral gonorrhea can cause a burning sensation, so I'm curious as to what meds you took, and if you gave oral sex. If you didn't give oral, you can't have oral gonorrhea.
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Excuse me, you mean oral gonorrhea can cause burning mouth syndrome? I had pain after urinating. After the checkup, I learned that it was gonorrhea. We had oral sex with each other.
I learned that I have gonorrhea after a urine test. Besides burning mouth, there are a few ulcers in the mouth, but they are almost healed. What are the symptoms of oral gonorrhea?
I remember that the doctor helped me get an injection and take medicine. Is the treatment of oral gonorrhea and gonorrhea the same? I have taken medicine for high blood pressure, but it has been a long time and it has been fine
If you gave oral sex, and got gonorrhea orally, it can cause a burning sensation in your mouth. If he gave you oral sex and you got gonorrhea from that, it's possible he also had it genitally, and you got that orally from giving him oral sex.

The medication you took should have cured it orally as well as genitally.

When you were diagnosed with the burning mouth syndrome, did anyone culture your mouth or throat? Did they culture your ulcers in your mouth? How did they diagnose you with this?
It is still unclear if you had a case of oral gonorrhea (this one is diagnosed with a throat swab, not a urine test).
Have you done a syphilis test after testing positive for gono?
I would say burning mouth syndrome is probably unrelated to gonorrhea, since it is often neurological. But I believe it is first necessary to clear up your STI status.
I haven't tested for syphilis. Need to be tested?
At that time, the doctor checked my mouth and he thought it was okay
Testing for syphilis is a good idea for everyone who testing positive for gonorrhea.
I assume you have never been tested for a throat gonorrhea (throat swab)? It might be a good idea to test. It is often asymptomatic.
You still haven't told us how and by whom you were diagnosed with a burning mouth syndrome.
I don't know if I am suffering from Burning mouth syndrome. I think my condition is similar to this disease. Maybe I’m anxious, my urethral gonorrhea is beginning to ease, I’ll go for a syphilis test today
Okay, so your mouth is burning? Your doctor looked at your mouth and said it was fine? He didn't see any ulcers? Did those happen after the doctor looked at it, or do you just feel like you could have them?

If all of this happened a few weeks ago, your syphilis test today will likely be negative, but it's still a good idea to test. Test again in a few more weeks.
I had a discomfort with my tongue on the 12th and September 15th. I saw the doctor on September 15th. After a few days, my mouth began to ulcerate. It was fine in one week from different places. Yesterday, I went for a syphilis test. The report has not yet come out
Actually, I want to ask what venereal diseases can cause burning mouth syndrome
Answering your question "What venereal diseases (we call them STIs) caus burning mouth syndrome?".
None. STIs do not give burning mouth sensation.
On the other hand, anxiety and stress (often caused by fear of getting a STI) often cause burning mouth sensation.
If you only feel discomfort inside your mouth and other symptoms, I would suppose your sensation is transient and will subside soon after you stop thinking about it.
And yes, syphilis test at 6 weeks post exposure is a good idea for you.
By the way, if you feel burning sensation in your mouth, it doesn't mean you have a burning mouth syndrome (the latter is a medical diagnosis, and you were never diagnosed). Don't spend too much time online looking for symptoms - it never helps.
It is also possible you have a case of tongue desquamation (also called glossitis or geographic tongue). It may look scary (like your tongue is peeling or ulcerating) but it is completely benign and often caused by stress. No treatment required. Glossitis is often associated with burning mouth sensation.
Thank you very much. I went to see the doctor yesterday. He suggested that I need to check my gonorrhea one more time. The reason is that I should have recovered after 4-5 days of treatment. There is a little tingling sensation. The doctor suspected that my treatment was useless and needed to be diagnosed again, and he did not recommend me to test oral gonorrhea because my treatment for gonorrhea was not effective. Even if I had it, the previous treatment should be useful, but my urethritis kept recurring.
Okay, you need to follow your doctor's advice.
Failed treatment for gonorrhea may happen every now and then, but the second round of treatment usually works.
Hello, my last symptom was tongue burning. On October 4th, the doctor said that my hsv antibody was more than 1,000 and said that I had got hsv. But in the same month, the rapid text on the 11th was negative. Which one should I believe if I got hsv? What should I pay attention to how this disease is transmitted, such as sleeping with a child in the same room? sex? saliva? Sharing tableware, sweat, I’m in extreme panic right now
Your answer can help me live in the world
It's hard to say about your hsv test because it seems like your test ranges are different than the ones in the US. Ask him if you have hsv1 or hsv2, or if the test differentiated the types.

But whichever type you have, do not panic. Herpes is not transmitted by casual contact. You can sleep in the same room with someone. You can share tableware (though that spreads colds, flus, strep, covid, etc., and you shouldn't do that). Sweat doesn't transmit anything.

Hsv1 is usually oral, and hsv2 is almost always genital. Hsv1 is transmitted by kissing and oral sex. Hsv2 is only transmitted by unclothed genital to genital or genital to anal contact, like sex.

You need to find out what type you have, and what your test result means.

Literally billions of people have hsv. It's very common. If you have it, it's not a big deal. If it's oral herpes, you probably had it before this encounter if you are testing positive already.

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